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Pax Christi International

small_pci logoPax Christi International is a non-profit, non-governmental Catholic peace movement working on a global scale on a wide variety of issues in the fields of human rights, human security, disarmament, de-militarisation, just world order, religion and violent conflict.  Find out more here http://www.paxchristi.net/



Reflection on Agen and Oradour in France and the connections with the foundation of Pax Christi by Anne Dodd, Chair of the British Section of Pax Christi, August 2015

Agen_Martha DortelWe were on holiday in France a few weeks ago and – only because of a chance remark by a friend in Oxford and then another in Limoges – changed our plans to include  a brief visit to Agen and Oradour. We had never been to either place before but wanted to learn more about each place, with their connection with Pax Christi. I knew something of the story of Marthe Dortel – Claudot, but never knew that she had been living in Agen when Pax Christi began.

Finding – with some difficulty – the church where she worshipped and where Pax Christi was born made her courage come alive for me. There is a plaque inside the church – St Hillaire – to mark the birth of Pax Christi, 70 years ago, in that church where Marthe, together with a war widow, the daughter of a deportee and one or two others – in the midst of the hatred, fear and violence of wartime France – took literally Jesus` words Love your enemies and began to pray publicly for the German people. For her, there was no Other, the Germans were her brothers and sisters in Christ. What breathtaking courage that must have taken. We catch something of how much that risked when we read the other plaque in the church – half way up the front of the church. This records the death of a young man of 22, Andre Delacourtie (called Arthur) killed in that same church on 9th October 1943. He was the organiser of the Resistance in the area of Lot and Garonne. `Tue for La France` it said on the plaque. Killed in the defence of France. The same church, the same time…read on

Pax Christi celebrates 70 years of peacemaking 


Pax Christi family gathers in Bethlehem

Pax Christi family gathers in Bethlehem

For our 70 Anniversary we held a World Assembly in Bethlehem, Palestine.  You can read more about what we said and did here  scroll down to May 2015









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