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Remembrance 2019: Let’s Make Peace Happen

Remembrance resources available here. It’s about peace.

It is also the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November. You may be interested to   read the statement from the European Catholic Bishops to mark this occasion. They speak of  ‘…respecting our different experiences of history and sharing our hopes and expectations for a common peaceful future.

Handwritten messages from children and young people in Coventry earlier this year

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Celebrating Nonviolence this October

John Petts window, Jesus, the two hands of nonviolence

Pax Christi is calling on members and others to celebrate nonviolence this October.  2 October is Internationa Day of Nonviolence and also marks the 150th birthday of Gandhi.  4 October is the feast of St Francis of Assisi, all models and witnesses to nonviolent change.

In London  Pax Christi members and others will gather to reflect on the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative and celebrate the creativity of nonviolence. A service will be held on Wednesday 2 October at Bloomsbury Baptist Church , 235 Shaftesbury Ave London WC2H 8EP, at 6.30pm.

The evening will include readings from Gandhi, listening to speeches of Martin Luther King and  words from  Pope Francis. Testimonies from contemporary peacemakers – those who are conscientious objectors, climate activists, those working to challenge knife crime and accompaniers in Palestine and Israel – will also be shared.

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Pax Christi Influencing MEPs

Pax Christi International has worked with European sections to produce four Factsheets designed to inform and influence Members of the European Parliament. Each document covers one of our four international advocacy priorities: Nonviolence, Extractivism, Nuclear Weapons, Palestine & Israel.  these have been shared with relevant MEPs, including those representing the UK. We call on the MEPs to take a range of actions to ensure the values of peace, justice, reconciliation and nonviolence are embedded in the work of the European Parliament. Brief replies have been received from some of the UK MEPs

Find the four factsheets here

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Pax Christi declares No Faith in War

After months of planning, Pax Christi members gathered at St Anne’s Church in London’s Docklands and processed to the East Gate of the ExCel Centre. On the way, they prayed an adapted Stations of the Cross liturgy together, reflecting on the the violence and death of the arms trade which will be promoted at the DSEI Arms Fair next week.

They joined Anglicans, Quakers, Buddhists and many other people of faith for a wonderful time of prayer, singing and friendly solidarity. Together we managed to keep the access road closed all day and prevent trucks bringing in the weapons ready for display and sale next week. We gave a powerful witness that another world is possible in which there is peace built on justice, care for creation, respect and dignity for all. We were moved by the courageous witness of those who endured being arrested and we were joined in prayer by Pax Christi members around the country.

Bishop Declan Lang has issued a statement of support: here

There is another opportunity to bear witness: on the eve of the Arms Fair, Monday 9th Sept, we are gathering for a silent vigil outside the ExCel Centre. Details here

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Nurturing Nonviolence – Towards a culture of peace

The statement from the April Pax Christi International /Catholic Nonviolence Initiative gathering in Rome held at the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development :

In this kairos moment, we strongly urge the Church to bring nonviolence from the periphery of Catholic thought on war and peace to the center – to mainstream nonviolence as a spirituality, lifestyle, a program of societal action, and a universal ethic.

As we recommit ourselves to furthering Catholic understanding and practice of active nonviolence on the road to just peace, and challenged again by stories of hope and courage in these days together, we call on the Church we love:  Full text here .  You can read more on the progress of the CNI here 

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