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Pax Christi International AGM in Brussels


It is wonderful to belong to an international Catholic movement for peace. We look forward to 2020 when Pax Christi will be 75 years old. We are planning ways both to celebrate and to use the milestone to increase the profile of our work.

Read our report about the Brussels meetings here

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Choosing Peace: New Quick Study Guide

Been meaning to tackle the definitive book on the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative:  Choosing Peace? Contact us for a copy of our new Quick Study Guide to help you get started. Information here. You could also use the Guide to work through key parts of the book with a small group of friends,  neighbours, Pax Christi members, or parishioners. It would make a good advent discussion group resource too: Discuss with your parish priest now! Perhaps tie it in with booking the Pax Christi Icon to provide a strong focus on peace and nonviolence.

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Summer Fundraising Supper

Get together with a few friends and talk about peace over a simple supper: there will be plenty to talk about! Ask everyone to make a donation to Pax Christi. Get in touch and we’ll send you copies of Pax Christi’s recipe book A Taste for Peace to give away to your guests. Or think bigger and make it a parish event and have a Pax Christi stall too! We have lots of prayer resource ideas too: for example here and here

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Annual Gathering: Indeed it was Good!

There was an impressive turnout of Pax Christi members and supporters for our Annual Gathering and AGM on 18th May. We said goodbye to three brilliant executive committee members: Jan Harper, Emma Atherton and Helen Gilbert – and welcomed Joan Sharples and Henrietta Cullinan.  Members shared thoughts and news from around the country to help shape the year ahead. We heard from our National President Archbishop Malcolm McMahon who encouraged us, as peacemakers, not to be silent but to speak God’s word which sets people free. We were moved and inspired by four Pax Christi Peace Award winners : Father Joe Ryan of St John Vianney parish, peace historian Peter van den Dungen, and Anna and Eleanor Marshall who think working for peace and justice is ‘obvious’.  We celebrated Mass together and renewed our commitment to love even our enemies. The busy day was lifted by live music from the excellent King Toadfish and the All-Weather Riders. Not a member of this vibrant peace movement? Join here!

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Westminster Abbey: Peace Witness

Pax Christi supported the witness co-ordinated by Christian CND at Westminster Abbey on 3rd May. The service inside the Abbey celebrated 50 years of nuclear weapons in the UK. Outside, many Pax Christi members gathered in person, and many more joined us in prayer. There were people from a wide range of peace groups, as well as a few interested passers-by. Through banners, fellowship, readings, prayers and songs, we expressed our belief that nuclear weapons are not ‘things that make for peace’. Bruce Kent said ‘There are so many ways of solving international problems peacefully’. Later, Theresa Alessandro addressed the CND rally saying, ‘We look for peace where people are working together to resolve conflict by making space for all voices, by sharing resources fairly and by being open to change. Mass destruction does not need to be part of our future. We call on our government to sign the nuclear ban treaty and to cancel Trident’. Christian CND have produced a short video of the event here

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