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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFind out about the key campaigning and advocacy issues that Pax Christi British Section is working on.

You can also find key resources, statements and details of other organisations  with whom we work.

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Israel and Palestine

Working in solidarity with  peacemakers  in Palestine & Israel. We held  our World Assembly, in Bethlehem, Palestine in May 2015. This is the  statement affirming  our  stand in favour of nonviolent struggle against the occupation. The World Assembly of Pax Christi urges all UN-member states to recognize the state of Palestine and to ban Israeli …

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Security & Disarmament

The peace we seek cannot come from weaponry, but from a commitment to justice and nonviolent actions which recognise the dignity of every human person and all creation. We reject models of security that rely on fear, the demonisation of others or on the strength of arms – conventional and nuclear. (Pax Christi Vision Statement …

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