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Actions and Resources

Advent & Christmas  2015

Send a message of hope and solidarity to the people of Bethlehem .  Bethlehem Mother-ChildThis is an annual project of Pax Christi.  Find out how to do it here and read some of the Christmas messages to Bethlehem we sent from our Advent Peace Service

Bethlehem Story A Bethlehem StoryA slideshow reflection for children giving a sense of Bethlehem as a living place today.

Advent Prayers:  Advent prayers for family or school use with the Holy Family olive wood set. You can purchase the CD with the Holy Family set from the office for £12.00

ACTION NEEDED TO PROTECT CREMISAN VALLEY – News video from Al Jazeera 29 November 2015 

In early August, bulldozers, with the support of the IDF, began  to up-root olive trees and expropriate private properties in Beir Ona, near the Cremisan Valley, in order to continue to build the Separation Barrier.   And from the parish of Beit Jala parish priest Fr Akham Hijazin wrote: : “The bulldozers arrived this Monday at 9 am, nobody had taken the trouble to warn the inhabitants…The labourers and their bulldozers uprooted about fifty trees amongst the most ancient of the valley – some of 1500 years of age – under the protection of the Israeli army… Fr Aktham Hijazin described this as “an action against the past and the future of our people, this is a operation against justice, against our presence here, against our history and our future. These trees have been here for centuries and are part of the lives of these families. Confiscate these lands and you confiscate the past in these families and the future of generations to come.”

“Last nail in Bethlehem’s coffin” is a report produced by the Society of St Yves on the legal challenges they have been making in support of the Salesian community from 2006 to the present day (3 September 2015)

Please write now to protest this action it would be good to draw on the statement s below to show breadth of concern:

  • Israeli Ambassador –  Israeli Embassy, 2 Palace Green ,London,W8 4QB    Email: info@london.mfa.gov.il
  • Tobias Ellwood MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH, Email: fcocorrespondence@fco.gov.uk

Bulldozers and clarinets: on the spot account from Pax Christi partner Toine Van Teefflenm Arab Educational Institute
(4 September 2015)

 General Resources

  • Pax Christi Palestine Israel leaflet : working in solidarity with peacemakers in Palestine & Israel .  New, August 2014cropped_Pax Christi Palestine Israel leaflet edited
  • Article: Occupation  a barrier to justice and peace:  in The Universe Pat Gaffney of Pax Christi , 20 September 2014 
  • Here you can find  a full sheet of action ideas for personal or community use from Kairos Britain, of which Pax Christi is a member
  • Here regular blogs from a partner in Bethlehem, Toine Van Teeffelen.  Very useful insights into life in Bethlehem
  • Report on visit ,  to Israel-Palestine in October 2013.


  • 2Time for ActionTime for Action:  British Response to Kairos Palestine. Launched in August 2013. Read the full document here.  Paper copy available from Pax Christi price £5.00 order here 
  •  Kairos Palestine: document produced in 2009 by Christians in Palestine
  • Summary leaflet on Kairos Palestine


  • Speech and prayer for meeting with Palestinian and  Israeli leaders, Rome, 9 June 2014
  • Speech to the Palestinian Authority 25th May 2014. Full details of all meetings/speeches


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