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From H.B. Michel Sabbah, President of Pax Christi International from 1999 till 2007 and Latin Patriarchate Emeritus of Jerusalem, on the present situation in Israel/Palestine: Article here are asking for people/groups to sign their commitment – see here

Kairos Palestine – A Call for the German Bundestag to Reverse its May 17, 2019 Resolution: Statement here

Latin Patriarchate Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries calls on people of Holy Land to build bridges of respect and love:   Invitation here

Two Resources relating to Morally Responsible Investment

Think Twice: excellent report from Amnesty International, published in March 2019.  Asks the question: Can companies do business in Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories while respecting human rights.?

Investing for Peace

A guide for local church activists that calls on UK churches to implement Morally Responsible investment policies to ensure that companies that they procure from and invest in do not profit from or advance the occupation.

Produced by Sabeel-Kairos with War on Want, Pax Christi and AMOS Trust.  Download here




Holy Land Coordination Group 2019

Series of articles published after the 2019 visit of the Holy Land Coordination group.   This  is made up of Bishops from across Europe, North America and South Africa, who have made an annual pastoral visit to Israel and Palestine for the past 20 years.  Marie Dennis, Co-President of Pax Christi International was also part of this delegation.



Church statements on the Israeli  National State Law 

15 July.  Take action NOW in to prevent more demolition of  Khan al Ahmar village

Download leaflet to share in your local church, J&P group, community.  Use this, and information below, to keep informed and take action.

Church-related statements

Statement from World Council of Churches, 13 July 2018 “Demolishing the homes and especially the school in Khan al-Ahmar is an inhumane decision violating the human rights of people already living in extremely difficult conditions because of decades of injustice,”


18 April 2018, Pax Christi signs letter in The Guardian: Time to take a stand on Gaza killings 

MPs, MEPs, former ministers, trade unionists and other political and cultural figures call on the British government to ensure that UK arms, finance and trade are not used to support unlawful actions by Israel.

We call on the government to condemn publicly Israel’s actions; to support an immediate UN investigation into the killings; and to ensure UK arms, finance and trade are not used to support Israel’s unlawful actions. The British government must fulfil its responsibilities to hold Israel accountable and to bring about the end of Israel’s unlawful siege and the military occupation of Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank.  Full letter here 

Holy Week and Easter 2018 


December 2017Send your messages of solidarity to Palestine this Christmas 

September 2017 – Resrouces for the World Week for Peace in Palestine & Israel

June 2017 Open letter from National Organisation of Christian Organisations to World Council of Churches.

June 2017: latest newsletter with articles on the Balfour Commemorations, Pax Christi’s latest statement on occupation and solidarity through trade with Zaytoun.

Our latest newsletter with focus on Palestine & Israel



February 2017  There is to be a debate in Parliament on 9 February on  Israeli settlements.  Settlements  in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal under international law (Article 49, Fourth Geneva Convention).


  • January 2017


 General Resources

  • Pax Christi Palestine Israel leaflet : working in solidarity with peacemakers in Palestine & Israel .  New, August 2014cropped_Pax Christi Palestine Israel leaflet edited
  • Article: Occupation  a barrier to justice and peace:  in The Universe Pat Gaffney of Pax Christi , 20 September 2014 
  • Here you can find  a full sheet of action ideas for personal or community use from Kairos Britain, of which Pax Christi is a member
  • Here regular blogs from a partner in Bethlehem, Toine Van Teeffelen.  Very useful insights into life in Bethlehem
  • Report on visit ,  to Israel-Palestine in October 2013.


  • 2Time for ActionTime for Action:  British Response to Kairos Palestine.  Read the full document here.  Paper copy available from Pax Christi price £5.00 order here 
  •  Kairos Palestine: document produced in 2009 by Christians in Palestine
  • Summary leaflet on Kairos Palestine


  • Speech and prayer for meeting with Palestinian and  Israeli leaders, Rome, 9 June 2014
  • Speech to the Palestinian Authority 25th May 2014. Full details of all meetings/speeches



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