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Security & Disarmament

The peace we seek cannot come from weaponry, but from a commitment to justice and nonviolent actions which recognise the dignity of every human person and all creation. We reject models of security that rely on fear, the demonisation of others or on the strength of arms – conventional and nuclear. (Pax Christi Vision Statement 1995)


New report from Pax Christi IKV Netherlands on worldwide investment in cluster munitions December 2013.  Documents

  • Financial institutions that are investing in cluster munitions producers
  • Financial institutions that have disinvested from cluster munition producers and established clear policies to prevent future investment in them
  • Other financial institutions that have taken positive steps towards fully disinvesting from cluster munition producers
  • Governments that have passed legislation banning investments in cluster munition producers

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2Give Peace a Budget2

Common Security:Cut military spending

What is more human? The end of want; everyone having enough; the end of social ills of every kind; more knowledge; more culture; respect for the dignity of others; the spirit of poverty; the cooperation for the common good; the will for peace.  Pope Paul V1 Populorum Progressio #21  20 – 23 April 2017   Global …

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Drone Warfare

Pax Christi and Drones: Pax Christi believes that the use of armed drones is a new challenge to the morality of warfare and that they challenge our concept of security. Pax Christi Statement on Drones   (March 2013) NEW REPORT – October 2016 Drone  Wars: Out of Sight, Our of mind, Out of control – latest resource from …

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Trident Briefing

Nuclear weapons and deterrence

On this page you can find Reports on what Pax Christi  is doing, General Resources, Church Statements & Documents Resources to help make the case against Trident renewal and nuclear deterrence. NEW Trident Briefing produced by Network of Christian Peace Organisations.  For use in preparation  for the Lobby of Parliament in July 2016 , for letter-writing and …

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