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Members’ News 2017


Once again we are so grateful to our members for all the creative initiatives taken on Peace Sunday, 15 January 2017.


In St Mellitus Parish, Tollington Park, the J&P group created a powerful exhibition on the theme, illustrating nonviolence in action.  During the Mass members of the confirmation group took part in the dialogue provided by Pax Christi on the theme ‘ What is nonviolence’

Theresa Alessandro from Blessed Sacrament parish in Leicester reports that the J&P group

  • Put a peace-themed display in the space under the altar in church. There were white-flowered plants and a simple dove image.
  •  Produce a Keeping in Touch newsletter which was handed out after the weekend Masses.
  • Provide peace-themed bidding prayers which were used at the Masses.
  • And that their parish priest, Father John Jo Maloney, had spoken fantastically on this year’s theme on 1st January. There was also an article in the parish bulletin and collection envelopes for Pax Christi were available.
This was AFTER a full day on Saturday when the group  hosted a Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery awareness-raising event on behalf of the Diocese of Nottingham.  Bishop Patrick McKinney attended and more than 100 people took part. The J&P group displayed a Pax Christi icon poster which they have had framed  and gave out some of the leftover prayer cards. They also engraved some little slates with simple peace messages and sold these for a nominal charge.
Children helpers 2Anne Peacey from St. Hugh’s Church in Newbold Chesterfield sent a photograph  of Anna, Eleanor, Alice, Emma, Sophie and Evie, young people from the parish who handed out  envelopes as members of the parish arrived for Mass. Eleanor read the Pax Christi bidding prayers. Following the sign of peace they gave out the new prayer cards to everyone in the congregation.
In Leeds Carol Burns spoke as Masses at St Benedict’s Parish in Garforth,  Carol actually ran out of Pax Christi leaflets to share with parishioners.  A collection for Pax Christi raised £440 and a teacher from the local Catholic school asked about our schools work and booking a speaker. Five other parishes in Leeds held Peace Sunday events.
From St Edmunds Parish, Abingdon , Anne Dodd reports that they marked Peace Sunday with the help of the excellent resources that Pax Christi produced. Anne spoke after the 3 Masses drawing on the excellent script available on the Pax Christi website. The bidding prayers were used and one of the other prayers was printed in the parish newsletter. Copies of the full text of the World Peace Day Message were made available and the 50 copies all went!  Envelopes were handed out and information leaflets offered. One nice surprise – Pax Christi is now included in the Parish Planned Giving Special Collections so next year we won`t need so many envelopes from the Pax Christi office. There was more positive feedback on Pope Francis` key messages than has ever been heard in previous years. With an item in next Sunday`s Parish newsletter, more copies of the full text – and donation envelopes – will be taken, it is hoped.
York2amboIn Our Lady’s Church, Acomb, York, Alan Gerrard spoke at two Masses and also created an exhibition on peace and nonviolence.  Th peace flag and and an enlarged version of the Pope Francis prayer card  were used on the  sanctuary during Mass.  Prayer cards were distributed and a collection was taken for Pax Christi’s work
Tony McCaffry from Ashtead writes: Just a couple of pieces of anecdotal evidence that the Peace Sunday message (and Pax Christi’s part in it) is getting through! Today there was a Peace Banner as the altar frontal and a strongly supportive homily from Mgr. Benny O’Shea at Holy Name, Esher  with a retiring collection less ignored than some!  At St. Michael’s, Ashtead, the J&P group (ecumenical) led an hour of prayer for peace: 20-30 attending on a wintry afternoon and plenty of pertinent chat over tea/coffee afterwards. (Canon Tony Churchill a supportive
presence.) Courage to all the team!  Please keep up the good work!

From St Laurence’s in Cambridge Arn Dekker writes: At St.Laurence’s church this year we made again extensive use of the Peace Sunday booklet, using selected hymns and two of the bidding prayers from the booklet.  Fr. Bob Eccles O.P., assistant priest in our parish, started his homily by announcing to the congregation that he had been asked by Arn Dekker to say something appropriate about Peace Sunday. I had given Fr.Bob a copy of the booklet with the homily notes a couple of weeks prior. Afterwards, a parishioner told me he had much enjoyed the homily, he had found it very relevant and thought provoking.

We had a collection at the three Masses  for the work of Pax Christi. A Pax Christi member, usually active in the nearby  parish, but today attending Mass in our Parish, mentioned that he would be handing out leaflets with information about Pax Christi this afternoon. This will be, we believe, the first time that Our Lady and English Martyrs is taking part in some way in Peace Sunday.

From the Isle of Wight Ann Thorp reports: I hope St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Newport has collected well for PX this weekend. We gave out leaflets last weekend. Fr Emmanuel was very supportive and insisted that your retiring collection was taken while we were all sitting down still at the end of Mass; people can’t ‘escape’ so easily!

I had your peace flag up but it fell down so we draped it over a radiator at the front of church; not very visible but better than nothing.

Paul McGowan from All Souls parish in Coventry tells us that a variety of means to draw attention to the messages of the day:  several paragraphs and Bidding Prayers from the booklet  were used;  special envelopes for donations were made available;  Pax Christi leaflets and prayer cards were on offer   extracts from the Pope’s World Peace Day message were provided as part of a display on the parish notice-board.

Sr Bernie Roche is  from South East Hull, parishes of St Bedes, St Stephens and Sacred Heart.    She wrote that for the first time in years the  parish not only mentioned Peace Sunday, but was positive about the prayer cards and had a small display about Pax Christi at the back of the Church.  The parish priest used the sermon notes and bidding prayers.    People thought the sermon was very good and thought provoking, so hopefully Bernie can build on this slowly and gently.

Pax Christi stall, Liverpool Cathedral

Pax Christi stall, Liverpool Cathedral

Jan Harper reports from Liverpool:   Peace Sunday was celebrated in Liverpool at the parish of St Michael and Sacred Heart, Kensington where a special liturgy using the Pax Christi resources was used. The Pax Christi prayer card was distributed to parishioners  with the Popes peace  theme.The children’s liturgy used brightly coloured doves to write messages of peace which were  hung on the altar. In addition, Pax Christi Liverpool took a stall to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King and alerted parishioners to Peace Sunday many of whom were not aware!. They also had a stall at the memorial Peace Lecture given by Lutheran Raj Patta, this was a very inspiring talk and very humbling as Raj shared his experiences as a  Dalit. 

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