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January – April 2018

20180420_14410920 April 2018

For yet another year it seems Education has come top of the list for students and parents today at St. Josephs school in Hendon for the Global Day of Action on Military Spending.

Members of the Pax Christi office team set up in the warm sunshine today to greet parents, students and teachers and ask them to vote on how they would each spend £48 billion! Everyone was presented with their own £48 billion (in the form of 4 buttons!) and then asked to divide the “money” as they wished between the following choices of investment: Education & Healthcare; Tackling Climate Change; International cooperation and lastly the Arms and Military intervention.

It was great to see so many youngsters so eager to have their voices heard on such an important issue and great to listen to the concerns and questions from our youngest citizens.

This is the 6th year that the Global Day of Action on Military Spending has been marked in the UK with many events being held up and down the UK including in Leeds where YorkshireCND held an event and in London where Women in Black also marked the week of action

Results-St Joseph2018The UK is the 6th largest military spender in the world. Globally military spending stands at $1.75 trillion. GDAMS offers ordinary people an opportunity to think of what will make for a safer world.

GDAMs urges that military spending to be redirected towards social and environmental needs. These needs should take priority over aircraft carriers, long range strike aircraft, armed drones, weapons exports and weapons of mass destruction. In addition we also need new thinking involving civil society and government to create a clear programme of  action for spending, research and investment to build sustainable, common security at national and                 international levels.

Missed us today? Why not take the survey online!


Ban Bannerjpg17 April 2018

Letter to Secretary of State, Boris Johnson on Nuclear Proliferation Treaty

31 organistions, including Pax Christi, have written to Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, to urge  the UK Government  to use the imminent Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Preparatory Committee meeting to recognise and act upon the UK’s international obligation to work for a world free of nuclear weapons.

In addition the letter encourages the UK Government to participate in the up-coming UN High Level International Conference on Nuclear Disarmament and to use the opportunity to develop relations with NNWS and make progress on the UK’s disarmament obligations. Full text of letter



8 March –  International Women’s Day. Pax Christi has Women card VFlaunched a project inviting women around the world to write  to Pope Francis to thank him for his leadership on peace, nonviolence and disarmament and to share a vision of peace with him.  Pax Christi UK produced lively postcards for women to send directly to Rome and Pax Christi International created an on-line tool for similar messages.

On International Women’s Day, Pax Christi International will deliver these to Pope Francis.  The message began:

“Dear Pope Francis: As a woman who wants peace, I am grateful for your leadership in affirming the gospel call to nonviolence and just peace and for your constant appeal for nuclear disarmament and an end to the arms trade.”


17 February, Glasgow

scotlandMore than twenty-five members and supporters of Pax Christi in Scotland gathered at the Ignation Spirituality Centre in Glasgow for a day facilitated by Pat Gaffney to explore how members might be better served and organised for peace work in Scotland.  A wealth of experiences and traditions were shared and the following were highlighted as  strengths of being a part of the Pax Christi family

  • Nourishing existing members/wider Scottish peace network
  • Scotland has own agenda… follow own priorities not those of others
  • Bring in more Church support
  • Part of an international Catholic movement for peace AND offer a Catholic peacemaking voice
  • Could create semi-formal links with SCBC AND allow the Bishops’ to stand back (in terms of control)
  • Open to others to become involved/ownership
  • Start with the model of a Pax Christi group that creates a link with Pax Christi International as it becomes establishes and creates an identity





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