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May – July 2019

May 2019: The Interfaith Working Group on Nuclear Disarmament delivered a powerful statement at the PrepCom Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference at the United Nations in New York Today: ‘At this Preparatory Committee session, we strongly urge all States to engage in constructive dialogue toward the shared goal of a world free from nuclear weapons’. The statement was signed by a wide range of faith groups. Our President Archbishop Malcolm MacMahon signed the statement on behalf of Pax Christi UK.  InterfaithStatement


Theresa Alessandro from Pax Christi speaking in Westminster on Friday 3rd May

May 2019: On Friday 3rd May saw Pax Christi members and hundreds of other peace activists come together from across the UK to protest outside Westminster Abbey. The Abbey had decided to hold a ‘National Service of Thanksgiving’ for 50 years of British nuclear weapons at sea. In the run up to the event a petition had been given to the Dean of Westminster calling for the event to be canceled and asking if nuclear weapons were really something we should be thankful for.

Representatives from Pax Christi, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Network of Christian Peace Organisations and many others including sisters from several religious congregations attended the protest on the day. A short peace service was held with Scripture readings and inspiring words and prayers from Burce Kent (CND), Fr Joe Ryan (Westminster Justice and Peace), Paul Parker (Quakers in Britain) and Rev Matt Harbage from London. On the other side of the road, CND staged a ‘die in’ and all of this received good news and media coverage.

Faithful Friends gathered outside Westminster Abbey – Friday 3rd May

There were mixed emotions as we all gathered outside Westminster Abbey that day. On the one hand it was tragic to see Westminster Abbey being used to celebrate something so awful and destructive as nuclear weapons and yet we were all inspired I think by the strength and unity showed between Christians who like the vast majority of the public oppose nuclear weapsons. It is always good to remember that we are not alone in our work for peace.


May 2019: View a round-up of the year to date in our Annual Report

Nakba day: 15th May. The day on which we join Palestinian people in remembering the displacement of 750,00 Palestinians in 1948 to make way for the State of Israel. Pax Christi members in Coventry marked this difficult day with a Circle of Silence in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral. The Pax Christi office team also held a Circle of Silence.







May 15th: Conscientious Objectors Day

A beautiful sunny day in which to think of the witness of conscientious objectors. There were two gatherings in Liverpool supported by Pax Christi members:


And a gathering in London too.  Pax Christi members were part of the group of about 200 people, including some descendants of First World War COs, gathered at the Conscientious Objectors’ stone in Tavistock Square for the annual commemoration ceremony.





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