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Pax Christi Schools

Your school can demonstrate their commitment to work for peace by becoming a member of Pax Christi and uniting with many other individuals and organisations in working together for a world free from violence.


By joining Pax Christi you become part of a global network of people and organisations committed to working for peace.

You will be among the first to receive our latest education resources.

Membership connects you with other Pax Christi members and events happening in your area.

You will receive regular mailings of news, events, and actions.

You will have access to support for your peacemaking activities from our schools worker.

By sending representatives to our AGM you can take part in the wider work of Pax Christi and the running of the organisation.

Opportunities to take part in and volunteer at Pax Christi events nationally and internationally will connect your students with other young peacemakers from around the world.

How can schools work for peace?

Peace Calendar

Become a Pax Christi School Member


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