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NJPN Blog: Water for Life (22/3/22)

Writing to mark UN World Water Day, Aisling Griffin, Pax Christi England and Wales’s Schools and Youth Education Officer, introduces readers of Independent Catholic News to Pax Christi International’s ‘Water for Life’ campaign.

“We all need water. It’s a basic necessity for life. But what happens when that water isn’t life giving? When it’s polluted or not there at all?” …  Read More

After COP26, Glasgow: What Next? (9/12/21)

The end of the United Nations climate talks (COP26) in November brought disappointment to the thousands of activists who had lobbied for the countries of the world to make real commitments for the changes necessary to avoid the temperature rise of more than 1.5º.

Pax Christi, and other peace groups, were at Glasgow (See below for Aisling’s reflection on the event) to raise awareness about the links between war and climate change and challenge governments to include military emissions in the reduction targets. Since Kyoto in 1997 there has been no obligation on countries to disclose military-related emissions nor to include them in reduction targets. 

We called attention to little publicised links between war and climate change:

  • War contributes to climate change through the extractive industries, the arms trade, the use of fuels and explosives and through devastating infrastructure.
  • Climate Change can lead to soil degradation, conflict over resources, mass migration, social instability and war.
  • About 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from military-related activity – however these are not included in emission reduction targets.

So were our voices heard?

The Conflict and Environment Observatory gives a glimmer of hope, asserting that during this past year ‘militaries began to publicly acknowledge that they needed to act’. 

So what can we do to ensure that they do so?


Pray that we will all be more aware of our use of the earth’s resources and act for the good of all people, everywhere. 

Sign the petition to stop excluding military pollution from climate agreement: Downloadable version here to use in parishes and communities : 

Write to your MP, asking that they lobby the UK Government to disclose military-related  emissions and include them in reduction targets. Using  www.writetothem makes this easy to do.

Create peace gardens in your local community. Find more information at 

Watch and show others the short video, ‘Extinguish War and Save the Earth’ 

Read the Open Letter which Pax Christi EW, along with many other groups, signed stating that Military greenhouse gas emissions must be on the agenda for COP27

Order Pax Christi Prayer Cards

And let us know what you are doing!


Prayer for the Earth

All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe

and in the smallest of your creatures.

You embrace with your tenderness all that exists.

Pour out upon us the power of your love,

That we may protect life and beauty

Fill us with peace, that we may live

as brothers and sisters, harming no one.

From Pope Francis in Laudate Si

From Glasgow, Pax Christi’s Education Worker, Aisling Griffin writes … (7/11/21)

“It was a privilege to be able to be a part of the ‘24 Hours for the Climate’ vigil for COP26 and share in 24 hours of prayer with people from all around the world, listening to stories of climate change. We ended the vigil with a Mass before heading to the march and rally in Glasgow. The atmosphere was electric, and it was an unforgettable experience to be with so many people- including Pax Christi members- marching for climate justice. Although the result was not what we had hoped, the energy and connections that were inspired by COP26 will hopefully carry us forward to continue to work for climate justice and peace.”

Aisling’s Reflection: Praying for a Climate of Peace on Youtube

NJPN Blog: Striving to live nonviolently by Aisling Griffin (Independent Catholic News)

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