Pax Christi AGM 2021 – message and reports

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Message from Co-President, Pax Christi International,
Sr Wamuyu Wachira

Peace! What a great day to gather for your Annual General Meeting, the eve of the Feast of Pentecost, a time to remember in a special way God’s ever presence in your lives and in the world. May I take this opportunity to congratulate Ellen Teague and John Williams, recipient of the Peace Award, 2021. Both have shown us what it is to live Jesus’ gospel of nonviolence. “Ellen and John, may the seeds of justice and peace you have planted grow into mighty trees that will spread their branches to the whole world”
As you all gather, in union of minds and hearts, listening to ignite one another, know that I will be supporting you in prayers. Such moments are not only for bonding and bridging but also to reflect on where you are as a group and your hopes for the future. It is also a time to journey together as members of Pax Christi and to respond to the current and emerging needs. This year’s gathering is very special – a kairos moment’ – because among other issues you have on the agenda; you will have in mind the ongoing discussions and reflections on the restructuring of Pax Christi International
Therefore, let God’s Spirit enkindle the love among you and lead you even where you dare not go. Blessings and thank you to each one – a ‘thread’ – that contributes uniquely to the beautiful tapestry of your membership. 

Here you can read a full report of the AGM from Ellen Teague

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During the AGM the Pax Christi Peace Award was presented to Ellen Teague and John Williams. They received this peace medal created by Natasha Ratcliffe. Here you can read a full report of the Peace Award from Pat Gaffney


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