Pax Christi AGM 6th June 10.15 for 10.30: Online!

This year, for the first time, our AGM will be a Zoom online event, due to the coronavirus restrictions. Members should have received a flyer in the post along with a copy of the Annual Report. Follow the instructions on the flyer to register to attend the online AGM. Contact the office if you are struggling, by emailing or calling 0208 203 4884.

The information here about resolutions and nominations will be updated if further additions are received from members. All additions will be reported here by 1st June.

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International Conscientious Objectors’ Day

15th May is a day for remembering all those who have struggled for the right to refuse to kill, throughout history and today. We remember those who have refused to bear arms and participate in war. Hundreds of people across the world are imprisoned or forced to flee their home countries for refusing to join the armed forces. On May 15th we stand in solidarity with them, as well as celebrating the memory of all those throughout history who have resisted conscription.

This year there will be several online events, open to anyone in the UK or abroad. There are actions you can take.

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Global Campaign on Military Spending: Days of Action

Pax Christi advocates for nonviolent conflict resolution approaches. The global military spending campaign continues all year round but until 9th May we focus on action to raise awareness of the vast amount of money spent on the military around the world.

This year especially, as we struggle to deal with the impact of coronavirus, it is important to draw attention to the amount of public money that could be spent differently, for example investing in healthcare, social justice and education.

Find out more at the GDAMS UK website and the international GCOMS website.

Aisling, our Education worker, has prepared some online resources on military spending which may be especially useful for teachers in the current circumstances.

Can you join the selfie campaign? Post your selfie on social media. Put the poster in your window to share the information with people passing your house on their daily exercise route. There are lots more infographics you can use, or make your own poster – inspired by the rainbow pictures created by children during these times of restriction.

Pax Christi hosted a Zoom time of prayer and reflection on Wednesday 22nd April. We reflected on nonviolence and military spending, sharing our thoughts and prayers and some useful links are here. We even took some action during the Zoom call. To find out more, email us at

Reflections from Pax Christi Members.

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Holy Week and Easter

The Kairos Easter message has been released by our partners and friends in Palestine: ‘Jesus is not only in the scriptures. He is in your guts, hearts, and eyes’.

Pax Christi executive member, Paul McGowan, offers us a creative reflection on the role of Simon of Cyrene.

At this strange time, we look forward to marking the events of Holy Week and celebrating Easter, as best we can. We keep in our thoughts and prayers, Pax Christi members and their families, as well as our partners around the world – and especially in Palestine. We join with UN Secretary- General António Guterres in his call for a global ceasefire to allow us all to focus on saving lives during this time of pandemic.

Pope Francis reminds us that on looking at the cross, ‘There we see God’s reply. Violence is not answered with violence. Death is not answered with the language of death.’

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Working for Peace in a Time of Isolation

In these unprecedented times, we try to continue with as many elements of our daily lives as we can. This crisis is helping us sift out and raise up the things that matter to us the most.

Now, the unholy business of selling weapons to kill people has been outclassed by the huge efforts of people in all countries to save lives. The uselessness of nuclear weapons has been revealed again. Our heroes are people who care for the sick, who shop for the isolated, who organise public transport. We meet together not in person but in prayer. The principles of  nonviolence sustain us.

Perhaps now is a time to re-imagine our world. When the restrictions are lifted, how can we live, work and relate to each other in ways that put those most-important things first?

Pax Christi International Co-President Msgr Marc Stenger reflects on this time. Ken Butigan of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative also writes of what we can learn. Our Director, Theresa, writes in Independent Catholic News. Together with our ecumenical partners in the Network of Christian Peace Organisations, we released a statement. Pax Christi International called on the US government to lift sanctions on Iran, Syria and Gaza, for humanitarian reasons. Pax Christi members speak their mind.

Look out for new  online opportunities to join Pax Christi members and friends to share ideas and prayers together – coming soon! We continue to keep all our members and their families and communities in our prayers.

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