World Week for Peace in Palestine & Israel 2020

The World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel (WWPPI) is between 13 – 21 September this year. It is the annual call from the World Council of Churches for prayer, reflection and actions. The 2020 theme is: ‘Creative Solidarity in Common Fragility’

Pax Christi‘s resources here .

Prayer card £1.50 for a set of 50

The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine & Israel (EAPPI) will have weekly posts on Facebook and Twitter  from now. Follow them for ideas! The first week reminds of our Sunset Friday Prayers at the Separation Wall in Bethlehem, praying alongside all those who work for an end to the occupation and justice for all.

Please start planning your events. Let us know what you  will be doing and take photos to send us:

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Nonviolence: New Study Sessions

*Update* Another opportunity to follow the 5-session programme is now being offered online with us. The sessions will run from Monday 28th September to Friday 2nd October at 6.45pm. Contact us if you’d like to take part:

One of the most recent resources created by the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative is a new 5-session study programme. We are offering an opportunity to follow the programme with us online. The sessions will run on Zoom, on Thursdays at 11am. The first session will be on Thursday 20th August and the final one on Thursday 17th September. Each session will last an hour. There will be texts to read and reflect on, discuss in small groups and some shared prayer. We hope participants will deepen their understanding of the spirituality and practice of nonviolence. We also hope some will feel empowered to go and run the 5-session programme where they are, so as to reach even more people. We can offer an additional session to help you prepare to do that!

If you would like to join the programme beginning on 20th August, register at Eventbrite and we’ll be in touch with the zoom link and some background reading.

John Petts window, Jesus, the two hands of nonviolence

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Catholic Nonviolence Initiative: Spreading the Word & the Vision

We hosted a rich online session on 30th July attended by more than 50 people, drawn from England & Wales, Antwerp, USA, Austria, Kenya and Uruguay. We welcomed Pax Christi International Co-President Wamuyu Wachira and General Secretary Greet Vanaerschot – and CNI Project Coordinator Judy Coode. Pax Christi Vice President Pat Gaffney is a Executive member of the CNI and leads the ‘People of God’ working group. Pat shared valuable updates about the context and work of the CNI, using video clips and examples. She introduced new resources and the dedicated framework that connects them. We learned of the new Days of Action on Nonviolence: 21st September to 2nd October. There was input from Joan Sharples, a Pax Christi England & Wales Executive member, who is also on the CNI Advocacy working group. An extensive resource list was made available.

Breakout groups discussed the meaning and power of nonviolence. We wrote messages and created a Zoom gallery record. We shared a short reflection and prayer.

From Pax Christi Philippines

After the structured part, many stayed to talk and share thoughts. We discussed the value of visual materials. A member shared her experience of learning nonviolent language from family members who are young adults.

Consider participating in the pilot of a new five session course on nonviolence. We will run the sessions online on Thursdays at 11am, beginning 20th August. Register with Eventbrite.

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75 years: The atomic bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Can you participate in our range of events to remember the suffering, death and destruction caused by the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Can you take action to help rid the world of nuclear weapons? Can you provide a relevant bidding prayer for Mass,or a liturgy you are involved in, on 8th/9th August?

Consider joining us online each day at 8 am from Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th August for a time of prayer and reflection. You may be able to take part in fasting between those dates. We will have a safe presence outside Westminster Cathedral, London on Thursday 6th and Sunday 9th 10-11.30 am. Pax Christi members will be taking part in events in Leeds, Liverpool, Coventry and North Wales. We have sent messages to Pax Christi International partners in Japan. The bishops of England, Wales and Scotland have made a statement in which they ‘recommit to the abolition’ of nuclear weapons. Our Director, Theresa, has an article in the Universe.


  • Can you start a dialogue with your bank/pension provider about their financing of nuclear weapons?
  • Can you use the ICAN Cities Appeal to talk to your Council about endorsing the Treaty for the prohibition of Nuclear weapons?
  • Put up a poster, share prayers, poems, readings. Choose from the resources we have gathered together.

Our efforts will join with those of many other peace groups and people of peace and goodwill around England & Wales, and indeed the world. In Japan last year, Pope Francis said: ‘One of the deepest longings of the human heart is for security, peace and stability. The possession of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction is not the answer to this desire; indeed they seem always to thwart it’.

Events organised by others: Worldwide information from Basel Peace Office, and CND UK, and Christian CND, reported at Network for Peace, from Abolition 2000.

We would be glad to have a report and pictures of your event afterwards, to share and encourage each other.

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Justpeace July-August: Peace is possible

Members should have received the latest Justpeace now. You will find it has a forward-looking, international flavour: the first article is from Pax Christi International’s Co-President Marc Stenger, Bishop of Troyes. You can read Justpeace online. We posted out our new look Summer Resources flyer too. Now that our website is fully secure, we hope more of you will feel comfortable ordering any items through our online shop. Staff are in the office again on some days now so we are able to post out orders. We look forward to when we can meet members and volunteers in person and are keeping you in our prayers until we can do that at last.

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