Pax Christi Quiz: Round 3

Round 3: General knowledge

1.Which suffragette is depicted on a mural on the side of the Lord Morpeth pub in Bow, London?

2. Which scientist is known as the first computer programmer?

3.Where is the film/musical Hairspray based?

4.Which actor has been nominated for an Oscar 8 times and never won?

5.   What is the longest river in Asia?

6.Who did Queen Elizabeth I arrest on this day in 1568 for plotting against her to take the throne?

7.What are the four national languages of Switzerland?

8.Which South American team won the first football (FIFA) World Cup?

9.How many countries have won a FIFA World Cup?

10. Which city is currently hosting the Eurovision Song Contest?

11.What is the chemical symbol for gold?

12. What is the highest mountain in Wales?

13. Who sang ‘Circle of Life’ from the Lion King?

14. Which country hosted the Summer Olympics in 2004?

15. Who directed the film ‘E.T. the Extra Terrestrial’?


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