Pax Christi Quiz- Rounds 1 and 2

Round 1: Peace

1. Which young Pakistani advocate for girls’ education won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014?

2.Which Pope was Time’s Person of the Year in 1962 for his role mediating in the Cuban Missile Crisis? He also started the Second Vatican Council.

3.What famous French palace gives its name to a peace treaty signed at the end of WWI?

4. Which peacemaker wrote from Union Square to Rome?

5. Give the word for ‘peace’ in any of the official EU languages.

6. The famous logo of which peace organisation is formed from parts of its initials in semaphore?

7. The biggest protest in the UK took place in 2003 against which war?

8. Which saint often associated with peace was the first known person to have the stigmata?

9. Which artist painted Guernica and created the lithograph Dove?

10. When is the UN International Day of Peace?

Round 2: What is it?


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