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World Week for Peace in Palestine & Israel

2021 World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

18th-25th September

Theme: ‘Forced Displacement of Palestinians’

As the 2021 World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel approaches, the World Council of Churches invites people and churches all over the world to pray, advocate, and stand in solidarity with people in the Holy Land.

“The annual world week for peace in Palestine and Israel offers an opportunity for all of us who share the hope of justice and peace in the Holy Land to unite around the globe in solidarity and peaceful action, and to create a common international public witness,” reflects WCC acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca.


Pax Christi Prayer Card

This card depicts photos of demolitions in the West Bank and has a prayer from Jan Sutch Pickard


Download the prayer card here

To order printed copies, please email  

Cost : £3 per pack of 50 cards plus 50p P&P  

What we can do

WCC webinar on Forced Displacement of Palestinians from East Jerusalem

20th September BST 14.00-15.00    CET 15.00-15.00

With families in East Jerusalem facing growing threats of forced evictions and displacement, the World Council of Churches (WCC) will convene a webinar on 20 September to shed light on key issues at stake, currently and historically.

Resources /


2020  World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel

Theme: “Creative Solidarity in Common Fragility.”

People of faith all over the world are encouraged to demonstrate the power of prayer with action  which includes the International Day of Peace on 21 September.  The World Council of Churches reminds us, ‘that peace is always a fragile process… The impact of wars, the aftermath of violence, the hatred and the bitterness engraved on souls, social injustices, the compromised future of two peoples and the broken message of three religions in addition to the harmful consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic only accentuate, day after day, this fragility.

In the extremely fragile situation in Palestine and Israel, we still believe in the power of prayer because only the Spirit of God can soften hearts and change attitudes. Prayer does not mean, however, resignation on the part of the people; rather it implies a creative solidarity combining a spiritual reference point and practical action. We need to restructure our response in a compassionate advocacy process undertaken in a spirit of goodwill and impartiality that transcends identity and religious affiliation.

In this era of extreme fragility, creative solidarity is a sign of hope that, through the power of prayer and common action, we can make the restoration of peace and justice in the Holy Land both possible and a lived reality for all people of the region.’  Biblical reflections , prayer and advocacy suggestions from the WCC

Planning your activities

  • Set aside time to pray alone or with others in your family/community. This could be in solidarity with the Friday prayer held  at sunset near the checkpoint and wall in Bethlehem.  Light a candle for peace.  Images of hope that could be used for prayer and reflection.
  • Join in the WCC on-line service on 14 September, 8.30 – 9.00 am CET with contributions from churches in the Holy Land.
  • Join the on-line discussion on 16 September, ” Cry for Hope” with two Palestinian Christian leaders, Rifat Kassis and Munther Isaac
  • Send a video message – a prayer, wish, poem to the AEI for their WWPPI on-line event. No longer than 30 secs.  Send to
  • Hold an online meeting with speakers to raise awareness of the present situation in the West Bank and Gaza – one of the organisations listed could help you
  • Show a film  with your family or friends – share in a ZOOM call or simply share the link. They illustrate how Palestinian communities are working to preserve their environment.  List below
  • Share a Palestine recipe with a group of friends, cook it and then gather, however you can, to enjoy eating it, play Palestinian music and share stories.

These short films  illustrate how Palestinian communities are working to preserve their environment.

Existence is Resistance with Dr Mazin Qumsiyeh of The Palestine Museum of Natural History with Dr Mazin Qumsiyeh;
The Water Crisis in Palestine – a series of films from B’tselem
The Olive Tree project – a project of Embrace the Middle East
Respect for the Environment is Respect for ourselves – environmental education,  produced by Palestine Institute for Biodiversity – part of Bethlehem University

Take action

  • Sponsor olive trees to be planted in Palestine
  • make contact with an organisation in Palestine/Israel and send them a message of solidarity and make a donation if you can;
  • Buy Palestinian goods from Zaytoun or a local fair trade
  • Encourage people to write to their MPs/elected representatives to raise their awareness of the situation in Palestine and Israel and ask them to contact Government Ministers to ask for those who violate international law and denials of Human Rights to be held accountable
  • Pax Christi leaflet on Solidarity with Peacemakers in Palestine and Israel


2019 World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

  • Planning Card front anback
  • Action card front and back
  • Powerpoint with stories from the Wall Museum matched with themes of the UN Declaration on Human Rights could be used as a meditation in a service. (Available here in pdf format for printing/copying )



Show a film to help people see what life is like in Palestine.  Many films can be hired / downloaded for use with groups or church audiences.  Here are some examples

  • Imprisoning a Generation: is a documentary film following the stories of four young Palestinians who have been detained and imprisoned under the Israeli military and political systems
  • The Wanted 18: an animation exploring in what happens when a community use creativity and nonviolent resistance against Israeli occupation
  • Open Bethlehem, a film and campaign created by Leila Sansour who  returns to Bethlehem to make a film about her hometown

More ideas


The 2018 World Week for Peace  16 – 23 September

Investing in young  people 

A week of education, prayer and action for peace in Palestine &  Israel, initiated by the World Council of Churches. Planned events below

This year’s theme is “Youth and Children: Raising Hope and Making Change”. Youth and children are the ones who suffer the most in conflicts and under occupation. They are also the ones who will hold the future of Palestine and Israel in their hands, the ones we pray will grow up with peace and prosperity.

2018 Promotion Flyer  for sharing. the date and theme.  You can order copies in sets of 100.  



  • Generation  potential: interviews with five young Palestinians, project of PAX for Peace, Netherlands
  • 12 Faces of Hope: Seek Justice and Peace in the Holy Land: a resource from the WCC stories and video clips include Rabbi Noa Mazor, peacemaker Tarek Al-Zoughbi and communication worker Nanor Arkelian 
  • Video testimonies from Breaking the Silence, an organisation of veteran combatants of the Israeli Defence Forces who have served the occupation.
  • Find out about the work of Defence for Children International  in Palestine – important work monitoring and advocating for children who are illegally detained.  Stories, date and advocacy ideas.



Resources and events from WWPPI  2017 

Action card with text on reverse to be sent to MPs and Elected Representatives.  Order copies in sets of 100.

Voices of the young

Stories of young people from Palestine and Israel 

 Powerpoint  Voices of the young  with testimonies from young people.  Could be used within the liturgy or each slide could be printed and enlarged to create a small exhibition.

Additional stories – A4 presentations 

  • From Saif , Dar al Kalim School,Evangelical Lutheran School – Beit Sahour
  • From Bashar, Dar al Kalim School, Evangelical Lutheran School – Beit Sahour
  • From Wadie, Lutheran School, Ramallah

filmVideos of children and young people talking about their lives and experiences


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