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We have a wide range of electronic resources It is still very important for Pax Christi members to talk to their parish priest and offer creative ways to include the peace message at Mass and encourage donations to the work of Pax Christi.

Archive: Peace Sunday 2021


2021 World Peace Day Message: A Culture of Care as a Path to Peace

2021 National Peace Sunday online event

Quotations from the 2021 World Peace Day Message

Peace Sunday logo

Flyer with ideas for parishes, schools, individuals, families, groups

Justpeace with Peace Sunday poster

NJPN Column in The Universe for Peace Sunday

Parish Resources

Letter to parish priests from Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, OP, President of Pax Christi England & Wales

Liturgy booklet

Short notice for parish newsletters

Podcast – short recorded talk by Fr Rob Esdaile

Script for short talk about the Peace Sunday theme and Pax Christi

Family activities/resources for children

Celebrate peace – A children’s liturgy resource to celebrate the UN Treaty on the prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which came into force on 22nd January, 2021

Powerpoint for schools

Worksheet for schools

Colour and Shape children’s liturgy and accompanying worksheet


Archive: Peace Sunday 2020

Every year Pax Christi promotes the Holy Father’s World Peace Day Message on the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time.  This is in the Liturgical Calendar cycle of prayer. Pax Christi  sends resource materials to every parish in the country to help them mark and celebrate the day.

This year is unusual in that Pope Francis had not yet released his message. We mailed out resource materials before the message had arrived.

Here is the text of the message now:     Peace as a Journey of Hope:      Dialogue, Reconciliation and Ecological Conversion


Archive: The theme for 2017 was  “Good politics serves peace”   marked on 20 January 2017

Full text of  the World Peace Day Message 2017

One thing is certain:  good politics is at the service of peace.  It respects and promotes fundamental human rights,which are at the same time mutual obligations, enabling a bond of trust and gratitude to be forged between present and future generations….today more than ever, our societies need “artisans of peace” who can be messengers and authentic witnesses of God the Father, who wills the good and the happiness of the human family.

Sheet of extracts from the World Peace Day message – could be used in newsletters/to create posters.



Archive: The theme for Peace Sunday 2018  was Migrants and Refugees – seekers of peace

Cover-bookletThe full text of the message can be read 

Resources for 2018 can be downloaded below and purchased here 

  • Activity card for children (download here and copy or order from Pax
    Children prayer activity card

    Children prayer activity card


  • Extracts of the World Peace Day message, useful for newsletter/talks.


The theme for Peace Sunday 2017 was – Nonviolence: A Style of Politics for Peace

Peace Sunday liturgy resource booklet

The full text of the message can be downloaded here 

“…“piecemeal” violence, of different kinds and levels, causes great suffering: wars in different countries and continents; terrorism, organized crime and unforeseen acts of violence; the abuses suffered by migrants and victims of human trafficking; and the devastation of the environment. Where does this lead? Can violence achieve any goal of lasting value? Or does it merely lead to retaliation and a cycle of deadly conflicts that benefit only a few “warlords”?

Violence is not the cure for our broken world….

Pax Christi has produced a range of prayer, reflection and action resources to help parishes and communities celebrate the World Peace Day message

Image on prayer card

Image on prayer card

Series of worksheets on the theme Exploring Gospel Nonviolence

Support resources

  • Catholic Nonviolence Initiative: read more about the outcomes of the ground-breaking Rome gathering on Nonviolence.  Great resources too
  • Nonviolence in Action: take a look at Pax Christi page with stories of nonviolence, support resources and more.
  • PowerPoint Presentation on the Nonviolence of Jesus based on Matt 5: 38-41 interpreted by Walter Wink.  A simple 9 slide presentation illustrated by David Rumsey

Peace Sunday 2016 was  celebrated on 17 January.   Here is the full message: Overcome indifference and win peace

Countdown to Peace Sunday 17 January


You can find all previous World Peace Day messages here 


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