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Oscar Romero

Romero1Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Goldamez was born in 1917 in the town of Cindad Barrios, in the mountains of El Salvador near the border with Honduras. He was murdered on 24 March 1980.

NEWS: Pope Francis declares Archbishop Oscar Romero a Martyr (3 February 2015)

  • Statement from Pope Francis“For me, Romero is a man of God.  He was a man of God but there has to be the process, and the Lord will have to give his sign (of approval). But if He wishes, He will do so!  The postulators must move now because there are no impediments.”    Full report 
  • Rome Reports video clip  

Romero’s words “ I am bound, as a pastor, by divine command to give my life for those whom I love, and that is all Salvadorans, even those who are going to kill me. “

These words appeared in a newspaper just two weeks before Archbishop Romero was shot while celebrating the Eucharist.

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