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Drone  Wars: Out of Sight, Our of mind, Out of control latest resource from the Drone Campaign Network of which Pax Christi is a member.  Written by Chris Cole, Director of Drone Wars UK and Pax Christi Executive Committee member.  Chris says: Drones are at the forefront of the rehabilitation of the idea of war itself.  Through using remote systems and precision weapons, we are being told, war is no longer the hell it once was…”


Campaign launch, 3 October

Campaign launch, 3 October2016

May 2016


  •  Into the Fire – International Security and Drones new report from Drone Wars UK (Sept 2014)
  • The World Council of Churches (WCC) Executive Committee has condemned the use of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) saying that they pose “serious threats to humanity” and the “right to life” while setting “dangerous precedents in inter-state relations”.
  • The statement adds that UAV technology is permitting countries like the “United States of America, Israel, Russia and the United Kingdom, to move towards systems that would give full combat autonomy to machines.”
    Feb 2014
  • Israel and Drone Wars: important new report from Drone Wars UK. Jan 2014


Pax Christi and Drones: Pax Christi believes that the use of armed drones is a new challenge to the morality of warfare and that they challenge our concept of security. Pax Christi Statement on Drones   (March 2013)

  • Kill Drones Report: UK complicity in Israeli crimes against Palestinian people.  Produced by War on Want  December 2013
  • Statement on lethal autonomous weapons and drones from Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, Holy See representative at the UN.  Geneva.  (November 2013)
  • Letter from the US Bishops Conference Committee on International Justice and Peace to National Security Advisor, Thyomas E Donilon (May 2013)
  • Statement from US Conference of Major Superiors of Men: Armed Drones: Do they make us better people? (May 2013)
  • Joint Declaration from German Commission for Justice and Peace and Catholic Military Bishop to the Federal Government, (February 2013)

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