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Educational Resources on Nonviolence

Self-run study sessions

Following the success of the pilot these sessions have now been run by groups in Leeds and Wrexham and more are planned.  

A 5 session discussion-reflection resource  for use as a family, group, parish, community with powerpoints to accompany the sessions.
Study session 1  Cultivating nonviolence
Study session 2 Seeing violence in our world
Study session 3  Discerning and judging
Study session 4   Acting with a force more powerful
Study session 5  Invitation to take up active nonviolence


Four videos on aspects of nonviolence produced for Pax Christi International  drawing on the experiences of partners in Mexico, Philippines, USA, Palestine, Cameroon , Fiji and Uganda, December 2020 

Exhibition of Heroes of Nonviolence created by students of Miriam College, Philippines

Pietro Ameglio speaks on what nonviolence means to him, Co-founder of SERPAJ Mexico and member of CNI

Pax Christi members reflect on  nonviolence

Nonviolence in action 1 stories from Cuba, Croatia and Palestine
Nonviolence in action 2  stories from Liberia, Northern Ireland, Colombia
What is nonviolence?  a script/reflection
The courageous nonviolence of Jesus 
Gene Sharp 198 nonviolent  methods
The two-hands of nonviolence and Petts window, nonviolent Jesus (see below)
Acting locally – nonviolence in the community
Outline liturgy celebrating nonviolence

Nonviolence Works Brochure  for download
Nonviolence Works Exhibition for hire
Booklet on the 2017 World Peace Day theme: Nonviolence a Style of Politics for Peace
World Peace Day Message 2017: Nonviolence a Style of Politics for Peace #ThisIsNonviolence Articles and stories to help us communicate about active nonviolence

Pax Christi’s Nonviolent Jesus prayer card and greeting card.  This powerful image is a great teaching tool, to help people reflect on the Two Hands of Nonviolence.  Listen here to the story of the window and the voice of John Petts, the artist who created it (5.50 mins in)

NEW – NonvioLENT reflection resource for Lent linked to a new blog and FB group


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