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About Pax Christi

Pax Christi – our vision

The work of Pax Christi – the Peace of Christ – is based on the gospel and inspired by faith. Our vision is of a world where people can live in peace, without fear of violence in any form. Pax Christi is rooted in Catholic Christianity but is open to all who share its values and work.  Read our latest Annual Report here.

Find out how to become a member  and  what Pax Christi members can do to spread message of peace  

Seminar on nonviolence with Marie Dennis, Maria Stephan, Valerie Flessati and Pat Gaffney

Pax Christi works for 

  • Peace – based on justice.  A world where human rights are respected, basic needs are met and people feel safe and valued in their communities.
  • Reconciliation – a process which begins when people try to mend
    relationships – between individuals or whole countries after times of
    violence or dispute.
  • Nonviolence – a way of living and making choices that  respects others, challenges what is not fair or just, and offers alternatives to violence and war.

Pax Christi works to


  • Support teachers, chaplains and youth workers in promoting a culture of peace in schools and amongst young people.  We are happy to work  in schools and colleges and explore how young people can be encouraged to make choices based on  Christian values.
  • Develop solidarity between people who are working nonviolently for justice and peace.  We do this through joint actions for peace in Israel-Palestine, through events to encourage international efforts to abolish nuclear weapons and by celebrating the life and witness of peacemakers
  • Promote an understanding of sustainable security where human needs are met and the environment is protected, rather than seeking security through weapons and warfare. Pax Christi campaigns against  military spending, the arms trade and nuclear weapons.
Parul McGowan, Ann Farr, Holly Ball, Chris Cole, Davina Bolt, Helen Gilbert, Anne Dodd, Valerie Flessati

Paul McGowan, Ann Farr, Holly Ball, Chris Cole, Davina Bolt, Helen Gilbert, Anne Dodd, Valerie Flessati at our Strategy Day, February 2016

Who we are

Pax Christi is a membership organisation of individuals, families, communities and parishes from around the country.

Our members are our greatest asset. We have an office team of three full-time staff and one part-time staff , an editor and a team of volunteers. Pax Christi has an Executive Committee, elected from within the membership, who help to guide the work of the movement.

Our National President is Archbishop  Malcolm McMahon, of Liverpool Archdiocese.

Our Executive Committee 2022 – 2023

Chair: Ann Farr,  Vice Chair: Joan Sharples,  Acting Treasurer: John Dowbekin

Exec Members: Maria Lee, Fr Joe Ryan, Matt Jeziorski and Kathryn Lydon

Staff members: Administration & Finance  Manager: Fausta Valentine. Schools & Youth Education Worker: Aisling Griffin.

Editor: Valerie Flessati

Listen to former Chair  Anne Dodd talk about why she is a Pax Christi member


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