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Justpeace & Annual Report


Justpeace July-August 2022 Articles: Ukraine – Another Way is Possible; 5 ways to help break the dynamic of violence in Ukraine; Solidarity and presence as peacemaking model; Days of nonviolence; Bruce Kent RIP; Annual General Meeting and Peace Sunday; Diary. Summer Flyer page 1 here and page 2 here .

2022 Pax Christi AGM, 18 June

The Reverend Mary Gregory, Canon for Arts and Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral, gave an inspiring talk at the 2022 AGM, the transcript of her talk can be found here and questions used in the ensuing group work can be found below.

2022 AGM Papers

You will find these papers particularly helpful if you are joining the AGM online.

Agenda leaflet, 2021 minutes, annual report, liturgy booklet

After the Reverend Mary Gregory’s talk at the AGM Engaged, Wounded: Reframing Ourselves for Peace and Reconciliation, participants will discuss Esther 4.1-16 using the following questions:

  1. Mary suggested seven characteristics of the peace of Christ.  How do you respond to those seven?  Are there any that particularly resonate with you, or jar with you? Are there any more you’d want to add?  
  2. In terms of the peace of Christ being ‘local and particular’ (and ‘for such a time as this’), how do you discern what is ‘yours’?  How do we engage with the Corrymeela prayer, ‘We will live the life we are living’?
  3. Mary suggested that the peace of Christ is expressed communally. What is your peace-making community?  Or how could you identify and sustain one?
  4. Mordecai provoked and encouraged Esther to her peace-making work. How do we identify those whose peace-making we need to cheer on?

Please find below 2022 Annual Report; invitation to AGM; role description for Members of the Executive; registration and voting information; details of resolutions and nominations for those standing for election; 2021 AGM Minutes; and Agenda for 2022 AGM.

Note that nominations need to be received by 5pm on Saturday 4 June. We aim to have final details of nominations and resolutions on this page by Wednesday 8 June.

Our 2022 Annual Report is available here.

The invitation to our 2022 AGM is available here.

Role description for Pax Christi Executive Members available here.

Registration and voting information available here.

Details of Resolutions and Nominations available here.

Minutes of 2021 AGM available here.

Agenda for 2022 AGM available here.

Liturgy booklet for AGM


Our June E-bulletin is available here.

Our May E-bulletin can be found here.

Our March/ April E-bulletin is available here. *Please note that the Pax Christi International Synod on Synodality zoom is at 7pm BST*

Our March E-Bulletin can be found here.

Our February E-bulletin is available here.

February – March – Pax Christi supporters write on the work of art, music, or literature which had influenced them to work for peace and justice.

Lent 2022 – Resources flyer

December – January with 2022 poster and hints for promoting Peace Sunday

Our Peace Sunday E-bulletin can be found here.



November featuring a range of new voices.

September – October. nonviolence issue 

July-August An international forward-looking flavour.

Annual Report 2019-2020 front and inside.

February , ethical investment issues.


The December Justpeace Dec 2019 with a poster for Peace Sunday.

October Justpeace our theme is nonviolence. There is an update on the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative from Pat Gaffney and stories of nonviolence in practice.

 August 2019 issue we focus on Peace Education, an important strand of our work, and learn about some inspiring young people engaging in peace, justice and environmental issues.

 June 2019 issue, we reflect on some important pieces of work: the first World War Peace Forum, the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, our 2019 AGM and an event in Birmingham around International Women’s Day.

Annual Report 2018-2019 is now available here

February 2019 issue we welcome Theresa Alessandro and say farewell to Pat Gaffney who looks back over 29 years of working for Pax Christi.


December 2018 issue is on Investment and explores models of challenging investment in arms and military projects
October-November 2018 issue on Remembrance – a condition for peacemaking with reflections from Srebrenica, Northern Ireland, Flodden and more.
August-September issue on Eucharist, peace and justice in anticipation of the Eucharistic Congress in Liverpool.
June-July 2018 issue on transition in Pax Christi  and dangers of normalising war.
February – March 2018 issue exploring what it means to be a Pax Christi member


December 17-January 18 issue celebrating peacemakers of 2017
October-November issue on the theme This is Nonviolence, with three stories of active nonviolence.
August-September issue explores implications of leaving the EU and Papal engagement in times of war & crisis
June-July issue on anniversaries/commemorations in Palestine/Israel
February 2017 looks at four Coalitions in which we are active: ICAN, PEN, Kairos Britain and the First World War Peace Forum


Find out more about our work around the country and details of our income and expenditure.  Full sets of accounts are available for the office.

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2018-2019

Annual Report 2017-2018

Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual Report 2013 – 2014

Annual Report 2012-2013

Archived Justpeace copies here

December ’16-January ’17  issue on  World Peace Day message for 2017
October-November  issue looks at opportunities for campaigning on a nuclear test ban
August-September issue explores the recent Rome Conference on Nonviolence and Just Peace
May-June issue looks at peacemaking role of the European Union
February – March  issue looks at Women Peacemakers and links with International Women’s Day, 8th March.

December issue explores responses to the Paris atrocity and British drone use in Iraq and Syria
September-October  issue looks at our Peace Education work .
August Nuclear disarmament and 70 anniversary of Hiroshima
April-May   Pax Christi  International as it celebrates its 70 birthday.
February-March    2015 Campaigners Calendar

November-December  issue  on Peace Patrons
September-October  on the United Nations
June-July  2014 on Military Chaplains
February-March 2014 on The costs and funding of war 


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