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Here you will find our education newsletters, updates and youth related news . We send 4-6 newsletters throughout the year with resources, links and updates related to our work. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter or have any updates you would like to share, please email Aisling at

Our education resources can also be found on out TES page at paxchristi_education

November 2022

Our latest Peace Education Newsletter is available here.

July 2022

Aisling was invited to talk about her work for an input at the National Justice and Peace Conference on where she sees signs of hope in her work. A video of the talk is available below.

June 2022

Our Education Worker, Aisling, wrote an article for the Inspire magazine on how we can build peace. The article is available here.

January 2022

Our Peace Sunday 2022 peace education newsletter is available below, with links to resources for children and young people to help promote and celebrate the Pope’s World Peace Day message.

December 2021

Our Advent peace education newsletter is available below and has links to resources for prayer and reflection activities to mark Advent in primary and Secondary settings. There is also an update on our work on climate change and the environment.

November 2021

We were delighted to be involved in a video that was part of a school assembly/ collective worship resource for Inter Faith Week 2021. The resource is available here– and can be used all year round! 

August 2021

New resources:

We have two new sets of reflection and discussion cards.

The first set explores the story of Franz and Franziska Jagerstatter and how our faith can inspire us to act courageously.

The second set look at nuclear weapons, exploring their morality, and the UN Treaty on the Prohibition on Nuclear Weapons.

The resources are available here.

July 2021

The Christian Peace Education Fund awards small grants to support peace education projects for all ages. In the past they have facilitated a range of projects, including events, resources, exhibitions and a podcast. For more information visit their website at

June 2021

Have a look at our latest education newsletter, with links to resources for teaching about the current situation in Israel/Palestine, as well as links to creative competitions for young people to get involved in campaigning for peace.

The current situation in Palestine/Israel has been prominent in the news recently. If you would like some materials to explore and discuss the context of this conflict with the young people that you work with, please have a look at the resources below.

May 2021

Have a look at our latest peace education newsletter on our Pilgrimage for Peace fundraiser, resources and opportunities.

April 2021

From 10th April- 9th May we are promoting the Global Campaign on Military Spending. More info can be found here and below is a resource for schools with links to different media to explore military spending.

March 2021

We were delighted to be able to take part in this podcast ‘Peaceful Methods Require Courage’ with– lots to reflect on around nuclear weapons, drones, pacifism and courage.

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate we have created a resource to explore the work of some women peacemakers that have inspired us, and who continue to inspire us.

February 2021

NEW RESOURCE: Nuclear Weapons and the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

This workshop introduces  key facts about nuclear weapons, some of the arguments surrounding nuclear weapons, the role of the treaty and the voice of the Catholic Church. This session is aimed at young people in Key Stage three and above, and may be useful for the GCSE themes of peace and conflict.

Our peace education newsletter on the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, with links to resources and information on the treaty.

January 2021

A fantastic video from ShadowCV featuring Cardinal Newman School, Coventry, to spread awareness of knife crime and share a message of peace.

Our Peace Sunday education newsletter is now available, with links and information to our Peace Sunday resources. Do let us know if you used any!


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