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Catholic nonviolence days of action

Online Gathering to Launch the Nonviolence Days of Action

A recording of the gathering is available here.

21 September and 2 October 2023
 Blessed are the feet of those who bring nonviolence 

We invite you to take part in this project of Catholic Nonviolence Initiative  and Pax Christi International. What might you do?

The Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action (21 Sept – 2 Oct) align with Campaign Nonviolence, the Week of Prayer for Peace in Palestine & Israel, and the Season of Creation. We see these as opportunities for highlighting the place and power of nonviolence in bringing about change.

  • Celebrate the creativity of nonviolence.  Can you bring a story or prayer for nonviolence and link it to one of the dates/events listed? Share and pray the Vow of Nonviolence on 2 October.  Here you can find the prayer in seven languages 
  • Outline service for group or parish use in making the Vow of Nonviolence
  • View/use the Pope’s peace video/ message for a nonviolent culture to see how Pope Francis is moving us in the direction of nonviolence at every level. 
  • Explore the faith challenge of nonviolence.   

Solidarity Actions

These Pax Christi partner organisations are all working to bring about nonviolent change in their own context.  Alone or with a group, find out more about them and send an email of support and encouragement to one or more.

Download the  leaflet  for the 2023 Days of Nonviolence  and share with others to help in your planning.

Video resources
Colombia: Nonviolent Resistance through boycotts and national strike. with SERPAJ, Universidad de la Amazonia and more July 2021
Nonviolence : responding to the Cry of the Earth: inputs from Christina Leano, Global Catholic Climate Movement and Aisling Griffin, Pax Christi EW July 2021
Videos here from DHUMA (Human rights and environment group, Peru) on indigenous struggles, challenging the destruction of their community and environment
4 videos produced by Pax Christi International drawing on experiences from Philippines, Fiji, Mexico, Kenya, Palestine, USA and more December 2020
Defining nonviolence (7 m)
Understanding nonviolence (4 m)
Planning for nonviolence(12 m)
Nonviolence in Action (14 m

198 nonviolent strategies and approaches by Gene Sharp
Nonviolent Peace Force, the work of Unarmed Civilian Intervention
International Centre on Nonviolent Conflict 
Waging Nonviolence: news and analysis of nonviolence struggles around the globe.
Transformative nonviolence: stories of grassroots power changing society
Peace News: for nonviolent revolution

Our shop carries a range of publications of all kinds on the practice and spirituality  of nonviolence


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