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Nonviolence days of action

An annual event between 21 September and 2 October,  with opportunities all year around.
A project of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, these days of action invite communities, parishes, groups to celebrate nonviolence through liturgy, discussion and action.

Still rolling with the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative and article updating the work of the CNI and recent events,  written by Pat Gaffney in the December issue of Peace News

See what happened in 2020

Stories that celebrate and illustrate nonviolence 


Celebrate Nonviolence ! 

  • Leaflet with ideas of how you might do this.
  • Our  In Direction of Nonviolence programme describes the workshops and resources that  will help us move  from a  culture addicted to war and violence to a culture where our first choice is peace and nonviolence.
  • Our shop carries a range of publications of all kinds on the practice and spirituality  of nonviolence



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Catholic Nonviolence Initiative

The Catholic Nonviolence Initiative is a project of Pax Christi International that began in 2016. Pax Christi International and its Catholic Nonviolence Initiative have participated in the Vatican’s Covid-19 commission and  several essays on the theme of structural violences that have been exposed by Covid-19. CNI Publications Advancing Nonviolence and Just Peace: in the Church …

Educational Resources on Nonviolence

Self-run study sessions Following the success of the pilot these sessions have now been run by groups in Leeds and Wrexham and more are planned.   A 5 session discussion-reflection resource  for use as a family, group, parish, community with powerpoints to accompany the sessions. Study session 1  Cultivating nonviolence Study session 2 Seeing violence …