Continuing to promote the Message of Peace…

It’s never too late to promote the message of Peace.

The title of Pope Francis’ 2022 Message for World Peace is Dialogue between Generations, Education, Work: Tools for Building Lasting Peace.

Here is the text of Pope Francis’ Message for World Peace Day It’s time to read, reflect and plan:

Whom might you share the message with?  Parish, school, J&P group, peace network…?

How might you share it?  When? and where?

There are plenty of ideas – and a poster – are to be found in the current edition of Justpeace, which along with many other resources…bidding prayers…homily notes…activities for children… can be found here.

On the Peace Sunday 2022 page, you will find a short 2-minute talk by Anne Dodd which you could use in your parish and a podcast by Fr Rod Esdaile.

Reading Pope Francis’ message, and these reflections on it might prompt a response in you… If it does, why not send us your thoughts, ideas, hopes… and in the spirit of a ‘dialogue between generations’ which Pope Francis urges, we can learn from each other so that in 2022 we can ‘walk together with courage and creativity on the path of intergenerational dialogue, education, and work’. Responses can be found in the new Members Blog 2022 page.

People Putting Peace Into Action

Peace – based on justice.  A world where human rights are respected, basic needs are met, people feel safe and valued in their communities and we care for our common home

Reconciliation – a process which begins when people try to mend relationships – between individuals or whole countries after times of violence or dispute

Nonviolence – a way of living and making choices that respects others and offers alternatives to violence and  war

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