KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFind out about the key campaigning and advocacy issues that Pax Christi British Section is working on.

You can also find key resources, statements and details of other organisations  with whom we work.


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Pax Christi & Israel and Palestine

This page is about Pax Christi’s work relating to Israel and Palestine. Please also see below for links to pages with further resources, action ideas and information. WCC 2022 World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel. As the 2022 World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel approaches in September, the World Council of …

Security & Disarmament

Global Days of Action on Military Spending, 2022 This year’s Days of Action on Military Spending campaign calls for peace in Ukraine, an end to the spiralling arms race and urges a new strategy based on developing common security. The campaign launched with the release of the this year’s SIPRI figures on world wide military …