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Seeds of Hope Ploughshares

four_ploughsharersBattle of the doves and hawks” – this was the title a Guardian reporter used to describe how four women – Andrea Needham, Joanna Wilson, Lotta Kronlid and Angie Zelter – took matters into their own hands and attempted to stop Britain selling lethal jets to the Indonesian regime. They all believed that

“Above all else in life, we are called to love and to be human. I can therefore not stand aside and allow the Hawks to be delivered without doing all that is in my power to peacefully resist. I believe that to be silent in this situation is to be complicit with injustice. I pray that what we do today in disarming these planes will be a small ray of hope for our sisters and brothers struggling for peace and justice in East Timor.”

Full story 4 Ploughshares   View here film Seeds of Hope: Women disarming for life and Justice made in 1996 and here film How to destroy a weapon with a hammer


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