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Elements of Peace

Activities and Reflections with Young People


In his message for the World Day of Peace in 2012 Pope Benedict stressed the importance of ‘Educating Young People in Justice and Peace’, encouraging their zeal for the building of a more just and peaceful society.

This youth work resource from Pax Christi is a set of activities and reflections each designed to introduce young people to some aspect of the work of Christian peacemaking. The activities, each lasting approximately fifteen minutes, serve as an introduction to many of the key themes which inspire and inform the Christian vocation to work for peace.

These activities are perfect as part of a confirmation programme, RE lesson, parish youth project, or group where young people are looking to explore and deepen their faith.

We have additional cards to expand the pack created in 2022, which can be found below the original cards. 


Download complete Elements of Peace Pack


The workshop cards can also be downloaded individually. (Links to supporting resources are given in brackets):

PaxChristi (Peace in Action; Pax Christi The Quiz)

Pax Christi Daily Prayer

See, Judge, Act (Statement)

Building Walls: Building Peace? (No Way Through)

Joined-Up Thinking (Headline Sheet)



Love Your Enemies (Love Your Enemies Stories)

Animal Instincts: Responding to Conflict (Animal Conflict Cards)

Turn the Other Cheek 

Holy Disobedience (Franz Jägerstätter: Holy Disobedience)

The Arms Trade (Where is the love?)

Being a Peacemaker (Being a Peacemaker Quotes)

The Stories we are Told (The Danger of a Single Story)

Peace People (Peace People)

Sowing Seeds of Peace (Wangari Maathai & The Green Belt Movement; I will be a hummingbird)

Pray for Peace (Images of Sumud; Overcoming Violence)


What is peace?


What is nonviolence? (Nonviolence Quotes)

Environment and peace

Climate Justice



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