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Primary Schools

Resources for exploring peace and peacemaking with pupils in primary schools.


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Teach Peace Assemblies

Teach Peace: Assemblies and Activities for Primary Schools Published by the Peace Education Network, Teach Peace is a set of ten assemblies, follow-up activities, resources, prayers and reflections on peace for 5-12 year olds. In Teach Peace you will find ten assembles, follow-up activities, resources, prayers, and reflections on peace and peacemaking for 5-12 year olds. Whether we are …

Advent & Christmas

A Bethlehem Story A PowerPoint reflection for children giving a sense of Bethlehem as a living place today. A Bethlehem Story   Holy Family Prayer booklet A booklet outlining a prayer time using a Holy Family crib set, as well as information on Bethlehem. 

New Year

At the outset of another year, to help children make simple resolutions that can change their world – home, school, locality for the better. New Years Resolutions


Jesus’ Journey to Jerusalem A Lenten project around an olive wood figure of Christ. Pack also contains worship suggestions, a slideshow of Christ’s journey through Jerusalem, and other background materials on Palestine today. (£12) This can be ordered using the Primary School Resource Order Form  or directly from our shop Following Jesus on his last journey through Jerusalem – A slideshow visiting some …

Build a Peace Garden

Create a Peace Garden: A 4 page brochure offering ideas and practical information on ways to make a peace garden in a school, parish or community. A beautiful and simple way to celebrate peace and create space where reconciliation, remembrance and encounter may take place. This project engages the community in discovering what peace means to …