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March – April 2021

Reports on the International Women’s Day ZOOM gathering, 8 March 2021
The purpose of the evening was to explore  nonviolence and the role of advocacy and nonviolence and religious life through the work of two women and to celebrate the many approaches to peace that women bring to our world

Pax Christi member Anne Dodd offers a personal reflection.  

To bring about change requires both dogged, persistent engagement with those who hold the levers of power and, equally, the grass roots tilling of the soil, the day-to-day actions within families, local communities and individual hearts and minds. True change, real change, real transformation depends on both these two different kinds of peace building. This truth was reflected in the two contrasting speakers, Mary Yelenick and Sister Katrina Alton.  Such all-important qualities as deep listening, empathetic building of close relationships and building mutual trust were explored and affirmed as vital in peace building.

Full report from Pat Gaffney 

Once again, the power of ZOOM worked its magic for Pax Christi members and supporters last evening.   More than 140 people tuned in from every part of these islands as well as from  Colombia, Uruguay, USA, Kenya, Palestine and New Zealand.  

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Recording of International Women’s Day zoom from Pax Christi


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