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Peace Issues

Below are our lesson plans and workshop resources for exploring issues of conflict, violence, and the vocation to Christian peacemaking with young people.

General RE SoW Our General RE Scheme of Work, containing 6 lessons exploring the work of Christian peacemaking, has its own page here

UN International Day of Peace 2023 and the Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action

These two question cards for the 21st September can be used to introduce the themes of the International Day of Peace and the Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action 2023. 

UN International Day of Peace 2023

Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action 2023

Nonviolence in action- stories of nonviolence

We have created a website to help young people explore nonviolence through stories and other resources. Visit the website at

Peace and the Environment

Peace and the environment are inextricably linked. This set of cards contains quotes and questions to help reflection on how peace and the environment are linked and what this might mean for us. 

Peace and the Environment cards

World Water Day

To celebrate the UN World Water Day on 22nd March we have produced two activity cards to link to the Pax Christi International campaign ‘Water for life’. More information on the campaign can be found here

World Water Day Activity Cards

JagerstatterFranz Jägerstatter: A Story of Remarkable Faith
In 1943 Franz Jagerstatter, an Austrian peasant farmer, was executed for refusing to fight in Hitler’s army. A devout Catholic, Franz believed he could not be faithful to Jesus and fight for the Nazis. This Pax Christi workshop explores Franz’s story, his witness, and what he can teach us about the Christian vocation to peacemaking.

Download Franz Jägerstatter: A Story of Remarkable Faith
Download the Slideshow


Franz and Franziska Jägerstätter- reflection and discussion cards

These two discussion and reflection cards explore the story of Franz and Franziska Jägerstätter and how faith inspires us to act.

Franz Jägerstätter – Reflection and Discussion card

Franziska Jägerstätter – Reflection and Discussion card

Nonviolence and Franz and Franziska Jägerstätter

This discussion and reflection cards explores what Franz and Franziska Jägerstätter can teach us about nonviolence. 

Nonviolence and Franz and Franziska Jägerstätter


Nuclear weapons- reflection and discussion cards

We now have two discussion and reflection activity cards on nuclear weapons. One explores the topic of nuclear weapons for young people and the other looks at the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Nuclear weapons discussion and reflection activity card

TPNW discussion and reflection activity card

Nuclear weapons quiz

A very brief history of nuclear weapons

This document gives a very brief overview of some of the history of nuclear weapons.

A very brief history of nuclear weapons


Nuclear Weapons and the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

This workshop introduces  key facts about nuclear weapons, some of the arguments surrounding nuclear weapons, the role of the treaty and the voice of the Catholic Church. This session is aimed at young people in Key Stage three and above, and may be useful for the GCSE themes of peace and conflict.

Nuclear Weapons and the TPNW PowerPoint

Nuclear Weapons and the TPNW Teacher Pack

Nonviolence Activity Cards

To celebrate the Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action 2021, we have produced these two activity cards to encourage reflection on nonviolence and creation. 

Nonviolence Activity Card

Nonviolence and Creation Activity Card

Women Peacemakers

To celebrate we have created a resource to explore the work of some women peacemakers that have inspired us, and who continue to inspire us.

Women peacemakers

The WallIsrael/Palestine: The Wall
A workshop exploring the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine with a particular focus on the separation wall in the West Bank.

Download The Wall
Supporting Resources

Military SpendingMilitary Spending
Using the film, Give Peace a Budget Seven ways to spend $1.7 trillion dollars, this workshop explores if there is a more effective ways to spend the UK’s £40 billion defence budget in pursuit of peace.

Download Military Spending Workshop

Conflict WorkshopConflict and Violence
How does conflict affect young people? Why does conflict sometimes lead to violence? Is conflict such a bad thing? Explore these and more in our Impact! issues sheet. (Produced in collaboration with YCW/Impact)

Download Conflict and Violence

Human Security WorkshopHuman Security
Produced for the LiveSimply Youth Network Why Bother? resource to encourage young people to engage with politics, this workshop explores different models of security, from ‘might is right’ to human security.

Download Human Security

Atomic_cloud_over_HiroshimaNuclear Weapons
Originally produced for the 2015 UK General Election, this workshop encourages young people to think critically about what their faith has to say about the issue of nuclear weapons and how it might influence their engagement with politics.

Download the full resource
Download the workshop sheet
Download the leader’s pack

ElementsElements of Peace
A set of mini workshops to introduce young people to the work of Christian peacemaking. Elements of Peace has its own page here


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