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Schools: Working for Peace

There are many ways in which schools can work peace. Possibilities include…


Building a Culture of Peace

Organise an annual peace studies day in collaboration with Pax Christi and our peace education partners.
Invite our schools and youth worker to facilitate peace education workshops for groups of students linking with GCSE curriculum focus on war on peace.

Include training in nonviolent conflict resolution in programmes of development for young leaders.

Promote training for staff on the principles of peace education.

Include Christian peacemaking in the sixth form general RE syllabus

Offer an annual peace award in school. Work with students to develop the criteria and explore the features and values you would want to include. What sort of prize or recognition would you give?

Celebrate and learn about the lives of peacemakers by naming school houses after them. Remember to include those who are living and working today – and local people too. Possibilities include:

Margaret Mizen
Mairead Corrigan Maguire
Oscar Romero
Bl. Franz Jägerstätter

Create a Peace Garden in your school. Find out how


Speaking Out

Form a Pax Christi group in which students and staff can discuss issues and campaign for peace.

Celebrate peacemakers: Share good news stories of peacemaking and successful nonviolent action with displays or assemblies.

Join other peacemakers in your area in campaigning, protesting, and works of solidarity with the victims of war and violence.

Choose one of the days listed in the calendar and create an assembly or exhibition to mark the occasion


Have you thought about…

Does your school have a cadet corps? Can this be discussed or challenged in an open way?

Are the armed forces invited to your school’s careers days? Can this be challenged? Or can you ensure that organisations working for peace, social justice, and human rights are also represented?

How is Remembrance Day marked? What is the peace message that you are trying to get across?

Do some of your students go to the military for work experience? Can alternative, life affirming, experiences be promoted instead?


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