Pointers for the General Election

ParliamentjpgWe urge that you raise questions around the following  issues with prospective candidates.  Background materials are offered drawn from existing resources.

  • Cut military spending:  Military spending and research and development budgets should be reduced and spending on social and environmental needs increased.  The UK’s current military budget is £46 billion
  • Support Nuclear Ban Treaty Negotiations.  The second round of negotiations are due to begin at the UN in June.  While the talks are supported by the majority of the world’s Governments  the UK has refused to take part.  What is their view on this? Remind candidates that we live with the burden of a £205 billion cost commitment for the replacement of Trident – what is their view on this?
  • Stop the promotion of arms exports and stop all arms trade with Saudi Arabia.  These past years have seen the tragic consequence of wars in Yemen and  Syria, regions where the UK has been involved in arms sales.  What is their view on this?
  • An end to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine – now in its 50th year.  Now is the time for firm commitments to seek political solutions to this on-going tragedy  which include the continued building of the separation barrier, the continued expansion of illegal settlements and the humiliation of the Palestinian people.  What is their view on this?

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