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Common Security:Cut military spending

What is more human? The end of want; everyone having enough; the end of social ills of every kind; more knowledge; more culture; respect for the dignity of others; the spirit of poverty; the cooperation for the common good; the will for peace.  Pope Paul V1 Populorum Progressio #21

 GDAMS card1720 – 23 April 2017 

 Global Campaign on Military Spending 

Join with others around the country to mark this day and make the connection between military spending and unmet social and environmental needs.


  • GDAMSpostcard17 for handing out at events or order form the office.  100 for £2.00
  • Planning for Action  – an A3 resource that includes the Call to Action and ideas for stalls, meetings, petitions etc…
  • Christian_GDAMS resource  for Church groups
  •  DVD resource that ask the question How would you spend $1.7 trillion dollars.

2Give Peace a Budget2


Disarmament : Is the world listening  to Ban Ki’moon’s call for progress?  Speech given by Angela-Kane, High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, New Zealand
(7 April 2014)


14 April GDAMS event, Whitehall, London. Join us as we visit various government offices and ‘redistribute’ the money form the military budget to better things!

See other events aorund the country here 


GDAMS UK website 

GDAMS international website

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