Pax Christi helps to ‘Wrap Up Trident’!

Pax Christi's Chair, Anne Dodd

Pax Christi’s Chair, Anne Dodd

Pax Christi members from around the country came to London on Saturday to help us ‘Wrap up Trident’ and send a clear message to all that nuclear weapons have no place in our society.  We gathered for prayer in St Martin-in-the-Fields which was organised by our friends in Christian  CND, joined by Anglican Paficist Fellowship. Methodist Peace Fellowship and Quakers.  Before setting off to join the main gathering we held a vigil on the steps of St Martins and read statements from all the churches denouncing the use and possession of nuclear weapons.

A great day – religious and secular groups working together to make clear the links between the money wasted on Trident and the unmet needs of health, education, housing and more… Read more here 


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