Peace Education & Conscientious Objector Day

IMG_2044Sunday 15 May is International Conscientious Objectors Day when we remember the men and women throughout history who have refused to serve in the military or fight in wars. We have a whole host of educational materials connected to this theme including:

Women Peacemakers – An assembly that remembers the women peacemakers who gathered in the Hague in the midst of World War 1.

A Story of Remarkable Faith – A workshop exploring the life and witness of Franz Jagerstatter, an Austrian farmer who refused to serve in Hitler’s Army

Should Christians Fight in Wars? – A lesson exploring if  it is ever acceptable for Christians to fight in wars (Lesson 3 in our General RE Scheme of Work)

The Quakers’ resources Conscience and Conviction also explore some of these issues.

Do use some of these resources to explore conscientious objection with your students around the time of International CO Day.


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