Westminster Abbey: Peace Witness

Pax Christi supported the witness co-ordinated by Christian CND at Westminster Abbey on 3rd May. The service inside the Abbey celebrated 50 years of nuclear weapons in the UK. Outside, many Pax Christi members gathered in person, and many more joined us in prayer. There were people from a wide range of peace groups, as well as a few interested passers-by. Through banners, fellowship, readings, prayers and songs, we expressed our belief that nuclear weapons are not ‘things that make for peace’. Bruce Kent said ‘There are so many ways of solving international problems peacefully’. Later, Theresa Alessandro addressed the CND rally saying, ‘We look for peace where people are working together to resolve conflict by making space for all voices, by sharing resources fairly and by being open to change. Mass destruction does not need to be part of our future. We call on our government to sign the nuclear ban treaty and to cancel Trident’. Christian CND have produced a short video of the event here


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