Pray and Fast for Climate

Pax Christi is joining with Westminster J&P, CAFOD, Progressio and many more to support the year-long project Pray and Fast for the Climate flyer. Why pray and fast? In Warsaw 2013 at the UN interim Climate talks, Yeb Sano, leader of the Filipino climate delegation, begged world leaders  not to be a talking shop,  but to make a binding commitment to  reduce global carbon emissions and avoid drastic consequences of global warming. He promised to fast on the first of every month until such a decision was taken. We as people of faith are undertaking to make that journey, in solidarity with him and many worldwide, who have been inspired by his commitment. Times of prayer and fasting each month.  Pax Christi will co-host an evening with the Religious of the Assumption on 1st May 2015 in Kensington.


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