Pax Christi International marks 70 years of peacemaking

PCI70anniversaryPax Christi International celebrates its 70th anniversary this year –  70 years of inspiring peacemaking! 

One special feature of this anniversary is the World Assembly of the movement which will take place in Bethlehem between 13 – 17 May 2015. This event is open to  all Pax Christi members and a delegation of two people will go from the Pax Christi team.  If enough people are interested we may add a day or two to the planned programme.

The programme offers a variety of events ranging from local visits to dialogue sessions and round tables where members and local peacemakers can reflect and strategize on Pax Christi themes and issues. Also, there will be a day long anniversary festival, celebrated with the local people, including a marketplace, a variety of events, entertainment and the Pax Christi Peace Award ceremony. You can read more about some of the costs on the ground here.

The International Pax Christi office is asking for registration by 16 January.  If you are interested please contact us here in London to 


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