Pax Christi responds to 50 years of Israeli occupation of Palestine

Veronica and Joe say ENOUGH!

Veronica and Joe say ENOUGH!

Pax Christi British Section has sent messages of support and solidarity to our partners the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem as they commemorate 50 years of occupation.

In this month of the commemoration  member organisation Pax Christi British Section in collaboration with Pax Christi International, urges the international community to call for the immediate end of the 50-year Israeli occupation and for the parties to reengage in a peace process in compliance with international law. Full statement here

Marie Dennis, Co-president of Pax Christi International, stated: “We are commemorating a sad milestone this month with 50 years of devastating occupation. It is urgent that it is resolved, as for both Palestinians and Israelis their future and hope depend on it. This is the moment for an increased commitment to reach a just and sustainable solution in accordance with international law.”

In recognition of this solemn occasion and to highlight the impact of 50 years of occupation we will be calling on our members to:

  • Join us in sending messages of encouragement and solidarity to partners in Bethlehem, the Arab Educational Institute and Wi’am
  • Use this Pax Christi Statement and other information on our website,to write to newly elected MPs with  their concerns for the situation in Palestine & Israel… and more

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