South Korean Peacebuilding Links

Bargn Nuri community is an intentional Christian community in South Korea. Pax Christi Director, Theresa Alessandro, met with 60 members of the community on their visit to London as part of their 1000-day Life and Peace Pilgrimage. The community members pray for victims of war and conflict in each location they visit and meet with local peacebuilders. Hosted by Christian CND and Anglican Pacifist Fellowship at St Ethelburga’s in London, Theresa co-chaired an inspiring morning in which Pax Christi Vice-President Bruce Kent, CND’s Kate Hudson and Christian CND’s Martin Tiller shared their thoughts on current challenges and perspectives on peacebuilding in this country – especially in relation to nuclear weapons and to climate change. Cheolho Choi, the leader of the Bargn Nuri community, spoke about their vision of a unified Korea in which people will be able to flourish in peace, living ecologically-balanced village community lifestyles as the  Bargn Nuri already practice. Cheolho said ‘Violence cannot achieve peace. The only way to achieve peace is peace itself’. You can read more here about the event, the community and Cheolho’s challenge to peacemakers in this country.

Pax Christi members in South Korea are working towards forming a new section. When Theresa asked them, the Bargn Nuri community were already aware of this positive development in their own country. We hope to maintain links with Bargn Nuri and with South Korean Pax Christi members.



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