Nonviolence Days of Action 21 September – 2 October

Making active nonviolence our way of life in the Church and the world

Help us to promote a particular focus on celebrating nonviolence! There are lots of ideas for you to use on our website. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. There is another opportunity to work through the 5-session nonviolence study programme online daily between Monday 28th and Friday 2nd October at 6.45pm. Contact us if you are interested:

Pax Christi members in Hitchin have put together a week-long programme of events. If you are in the area and want to know more, contact us and we’ll put you in touch:

The Catholic Nonviolence Initiative website is also a good place to look for information and resources.

Do let us know what you are doing to share the message of nonviolence. Your feedback helps us to know what is useful to you and gives us an opportunity to share your work to encourage and inspire all of us who are working for peace. Don’t think that what you are doing is too small!


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