International Youth Camp: Cities Not Military Bases

If you are a between 18-30 years old, Pax Christi Italia is organizing for you a summer camp from the 3rd to 8th August in Veneto. You will get around this amazing Italian region where the First World War fought, and the city of Vicenza, which is set of one of the largest USA military base in Europe.

You will discover the Popular Movement of Non-Violent Resistance of Vicenza city and the Pax Christi one as well.

The camp will be a strong experience to get familiar with the problems of the increasing militarization of the territory and the spreading of the military culture, but you will see how bottom up organizations try to answer with the non-violent resistance.

You will share every-day life moments of the friendly local people and you will be in good company with the Youth Group of Pax Christi Italy.
COST: 70 euros (travel expenses excluded)

For further information and to apply please send an e-mail to:


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