Update: Coronavirus and Pax Christi

In this the 75th anniversary year for Pax Christi International, a World Assembly was planned to take place in May in Hiroshima.
We are sorry to announce that the World Assembly has been postponed until May 2021 due to the virus. The Board of Pax Christi International noted ‘Our first concerns and prayers, of course, are with those directly affected by this outbreak and for those who have lost their lives, friends or family. [We] express our solidarity and support in prayers for all those whose families and citizens have been adversely affected and to some coming to terms with the death of their loved ones. Let us remember in a very special way the people of China (both living in China and across the globe) who may not only be going through this traumatising experience but also facing discrimination, isolation and stereotypical attitudes in the different parts of the world due to people’s caution and fear of contracting the virus.’

Please check the website for news of other upcoming events that may be postponed. For example, the wonderful programme of events planned in Birmingham this week, and featuring the Pax Christi Icon, has been postponed. The NCPO Conference Prophets & Reconcilers planned for 25th April, has been cancelled.

The Pax Christi office team will now be working from home. We have temporarily closed the office. Please bear with us at this challenging time. We will endeavour to continue as many aspects of our work as is possible. You can still contact staff via the office phone number which has been diverted: 0208 203 4884. We will also be continuing to check our emails. 

Pax Christi members and supporters, their families and their communities are in our thoughts and prayers.



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