Working for Peace in a Time of Isolation

In these unprecedented times, we try to continue with as many elements of our daily lives as we can. This crisis is helping us sift out and raise up the things that matter to us the most.

Now, the unholy business of selling weapons to kill people has been outclassed by the huge efforts of people in all countries to save lives. The uselessness of nuclear weapons has been revealed again. Our heroes are people who care for the sick, who shop for the isolated, who organise public transport. We meet together not in person but in prayer. The principles of  nonviolence sustain us.

Perhaps now is a time to re-imagine our world. When the restrictions are lifted, how can we live, work and relate to each other in ways that put those most-important things first? A series of essays by Catholic Nonviolence Initiative’s Marie Dennis, help to point the way.

Pax Christi International Co-President Msgr Marc Stenger reflects on this time. Ken Butigan of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative also writes of what we can learn. Our Director, Theresa, writes in Independent Catholic News. Together with our ecumenical partners in the Network of Christian Peace Organisations, we released a statement. Pax Christi International called on the US government to lift sanctions on Iran, Syria and Gaza, for humanitarian reasons. Pax Christi members speak their mind.

Look out for more online opportunities to join Pax Christi members and friends to share ideas and prayers together – next on the evening of 11th June! We continue to keep all our members and their families and communities in our prayers.


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