Global Campaign on Military Spending: Days of Action

Pax Christi advocates for nonviolent conflict resolution approaches. The global military spending campaign continues all year round but until 9th May we focus on action to raise awareness of the vast amount of money spent on the military around the world.

This year especially, as we struggle to deal with the impact of coronavirus, it is important to draw attention to the amount of public money that could be spent differently, for example investing in healthcare, social justice and education.

Find out more at the GDAMS UK website and the international GCOMS website.

Aisling, our Education worker, has prepared some online resources on military spending which may be especially useful for teachers in the current circumstances.

Can you join the selfie campaign? Post your selfie on social media. Put the poster in your window to share the information with people passing your house on their daily exercise route. There are lots more infographics you can use, or make your own poster – inspired by the rainbow pictures created by children during these times of restriction.

Pax Christi hosted a Zoom time of prayer and reflection on Wednesday 22nd April. We reflected on nonviolence and military spending, sharing our thoughts and prayers and some useful links are here. We even took some action during the Zoom call. To find out more, email us at

Reflections from Pax Christi Members.


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