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Post Easter reflections

Easter 2019 Reflections Coming Soon!

Collage-EasterSunday reflections from Easter – Pentecost  

To deepen our understanding of Gospel nonviolence, we invited seven members of Pax Christi to explore the powerful readings for the Sundays after Easter – readings that tell us something of the struggle of the early Christian communities to create a life-path for themselves built on the life and witness of Jesus.

Their reflections are short and personal and each of them has something to offer on the vocation we all have to be people of nonviolence.

2nd Sunday – The fruit of peace is solidarity and justice, written by Katrina Alton

3rd SundayJesus invites us to look and see, written by Paul McGowan

4th SundayThe Good Shepherd: a leader who provides life to the full, written by John Williams

5th SundayFinding the spirit of the still strange risen Lord, written by David McLoughlin

6th SundayThe Acts of the Apostles – our family album, written by Gerry McFlynn

7th SundayWhen we realise our weakness, we realise our discipleship, written by Henrietta Cullinan

Pentecost SundayThe burning dove of peace, written by Rob Esdaile


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