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Nonviolence in action

Here we offer a range of  reflections, stories  and resources on nonviolence in action.   We also outline what more we can offer in our In Direction of Nonviolence programme. They will help us move  from a  culture addicted to war and violence to a culture where our first choice is peace and nonviolence.

An Appeal to the Catholic Church to Re-Commit
to the
Centrality of Gospel Nonviolence 

Participants at Rome 2016 gathering

Participants at Rome 2016 gathering

Pax Christi International and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace co-hosted an historic gathering in Rome in April 2016.  We see this as the start of an important process which will develop teachings,resources and skills that will allow us to respond to the crises of our time with the vision and strategies of nonviolence.



Nonviolence works brochure

Nonviolence works brochure


An A5, 12 panel brochure telling 60 inspiring stories of nonviolence. Free, charge for postage only..  View here Nonviolence Works Brochure

Available as a 10 panel exhibition in either A3 or A2 format – laminated.   Postage and packing  £10.00 per booking.

Jesus and Nonviolence – a third way by Walter Wink.  £6.00

Peace People who Changed the World.  Case-studies of 10 people and their approach to nonviolent peacemaking.  £14.99

From Violence to Wholeness: A ten part programme in the spirituality ad practice of active nonviolence. Offers outlines for meetings, background reflections, prayers and readings. Developed by the Pace e Bene Campaign Nonviolence  USA, 170 pages. £11.00

Engage: Exploring Nonviolent Living: Extensive study programme for exploring nonviolence. Unlike the book above, this one is not written in religious language.Pace e Bene Campaign Nonviolence,  USA.  £13.00

The Way of Peace: Exploring Nonviolence for the 21st Century: Useful resource packed with stories, questions, and quotes. Pax Christi USA.  £10.00

The Nonviolence of JESUS


PowerPoint Presentation on the Nonviolence of Jesus based on Matt 5: 38-41 interpreted by Walter Wink.  A simple 9 slide presentation illustrated by David Rumsey

PowerPoint of the A Christian Response to Conflict for use with young people and lesson plan  and Teacher Pack with an  explanation of the Walter Wink interpretation.


Through our  In Direction of Nonviolence programme Pax Christi can offer a variety of  themed sessions which can stand alone or can be put together as a mini-course.

In the direction of nonviolence



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