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Our 2020 AGM: Online!

Pax Christi Executive and staff preparing to welcome members to the 2020 AGM

More than 60 Pax Christi members joined the meeting in this, Pax Christi International’s 75th Anniversary, year. Vice President Valerie Flessati described the origins of our movement, in Second World War France. Pax Christi International Co-President Wamuyu Wachira brought us up to date, and into the presence of God, with a video message. Outgoing, Chair Holly Ball, called for a revolution in this change of era. Following reports by the four staff members, there was spirited discussion of the resolutions, voting, and election of a new Chair and four new Executive Committee members.

Ten breakout groups were formed in which members made proposals for Pope Francis to consider as part of the work of the Covid-19 Vatican Commission reflecting on the ‘new socio-economic-cultural future.’ The proposals will be collated and communicated directly to the Commission.

Our National President, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, spoke with appreciation of Holly’s time as Chair. Newly-elected Chair, Ann Farr, led us in a liturgy in which she invited us to ‘quietly renew our commitment to our witness and work as peacemakers’. The AGM was reported by Ellen Teague on Independent Catholic News. There is a fuller report on our website too.

We spoke the names of Pax Christi members who died this year

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Latest Justpeace out now- December 2019

Our new Justpeace  is out now!

You will find ideas for marking Peace Sunday on the front. On the reverse there is a poster for Peace Sunday to display in your parish  – or another location!

In the mailing, there is also a blank Christmas card and ideas for who you might send it to in order to spread the message of peace a little further.


Meanwhile, don’t forget to consult the Christmas 2019 Resource Flyer


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Celebrating Nonviolence this October

John Petts window, Jesus, the two hands of nonviolence

Pax Christi is calling on members and others to celebrate nonviolence this October.  2 October is Internationa Day of Nonviolence and also marks the 150th birthday of Gandhi.  4 October is the feast of St Francis of Assisi, all models and witnesses to nonviolent change.

In London  Pax Christi members and others will gather to reflect on the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative and celebrate the creativity of nonviolence. A service will be held on Wednesday 2 October at Bloomsbury Baptist Church , 235 Shaftesbury Ave London WC2H 8EP, at 6.30pm.

The evening will include readings from Gandhi, listening to speeches of Martin Luther King and  words from  Pope Francis. Testimonies from contemporary peacemakers – those who are conscientious objectors, climate activists, those working to challenge knife crime and accompaniers in Palestine and Israel – will also be shared.

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Latest Justpeace out now

Our new Justpeace is out now!

In this edition of Justpeace we hear from Valerie Flessati about the First World War Peace Forum and the work that Pax Christi has been involved in leading up to the Centenary of the First World War. Pat Gaffney reports on the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative and Clare Shanley shares her experience of her first Pax Christi women’s gathering in Birmingham this year.

Also in this issue we hear more about the Peace prize winners from our annual gathering.

Download the newsletter Here

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IN THE PRESS: Pax Christi – A world without nuclear weapons

Imagine a world without nuclear weapons: it isn’t hard to do…

In the press this weekend, The Catholic Universe has published an article by Pax Christi Director – Theresa Alessandro.

The Non-Proliferation Treaty has been stuck on Article VI for decades.
Nuclear weapon-possessing governments cite the risk to stability of any
upsetting of a nuclear balance. They point to a reduction in warhead
numbers as their contribution to disarmament. So the UK is down to
120 available warheads; equivalent to ‘only’ 960 Hiroshima-sized
bombs. New ways to be players on the world stage and new ways to
balance international relationships need to be constructed. Such are the
shifting, complex, interconnected sands of wicked problems.  The full article can be Found Here

(With thanks to Martin Birdseye for help with the reasoning around this topic, and to Mati Warwick for the photo of Theresa).



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