Balfour Project Webinar

09/01/2023 @ 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm
Launch of “Abandoning Palestine” conference booklet with Layla Moran MP Monday 9th January 2023 6pm UK time
 Please join us on Monday 9 January at 6pm on Zoom for a 45 minute Balfour Project webinar with Layla Moran MP. Layla, our chair Andrew Whitley and trustee John McHugo will launch the Balfour Project booklet recording our 2022 conference “Abandoning Palestine: the end of the British Mandate and our continuing responsibility”. The booklet will be available on-line and in hard copy. 

They will discuss the prospects for Palestine/Israel in 2023, the role of the United Kingdom –  past and present – and our plans for a major conference on 17 May on Equal Rights – 75 years on from Britain’s abandonment of Palestine, with all that entailed. 

To join the webinar, please click here to register. As usual, the webinar recording will be on our website by 10 January. 
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